September 2008                                "News For Those Who Think With Their Hearts"                         Volume IV ~ Issue 4 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Is it September?  Are you sure?  It can't possibly be!  According to my “To Do” list I am still stuck in April!  Can we turn back the clock?  No?  I thought not.


Well, take a look at our web site.  It is not as up to date as I would like for it to be, even so, there is a lot for you to see.   Much, much more will be added soon.  It will continue to be a work in progress for some time.  Check frequently to see the new additions.



HOOT is now a memory and what a fond memory it is!  We had a great show and saw many of our long time and new “folk art friends”.  What fun!


In October we will be helping the chapters that sponsor the New England Traditions Show in Providence, RI celebrate their 10th Anniversary.  I hope your plans are made and we will see you there.  You will see all our new products and many new samples on display. 


We are looking forward to seeing our folk art friends from Canada and the nearby states.  Treat yourself (you deserve it) and come for the weekend… a long weekend.  



Rosemary West Patterns

Photos of the Peppermint Express Caboose are on our opening page.  The train was featured in last years Christmas issue of PaintWorks magazine.  The pattern will be available by mid month.  We have a few of the cabooses left with more due in October.


Several new Rosemary West patterns were added last month.  We were out of stock on some, but they are back in stock now. 


Della Wetterman Patterns

A new pattern was added to the Williamsburg Series; “Colonial Santa’s on Tiny Gourds”.  The two little gourds are painted with Santa faces, too cute.  So fun to paint!  The pattern is packaged with two gourds. 


“Santa on the Peppermint Teapot” is the other new pattern.  The tea pot is an antique reproduction from Sturbridge, Mass.  I taught this at HOOT last month.


Our Williamsburg Series continues to be one of our best sellers.  The patterns are packaged with the surface.  I am pleased they are so popular.


Trudy Beard Patterns

Just in time for Halloween, these two great new patterns reflect Trudy’s sense of humor and great color combinations.  “Dance by the Light of the Moon” and “Witches Brew”.  Now,  these are not “lovely witches” by any stretch of the imagination, but oh so fun!  They were a hit at HOOT.


Shara Reiner Patterns

Shara’s set of four “Country Boxes” were a “must have” for so many of our customers at HOOT.  I love them and you will too!


Debby Forshey-Choma  Patterns

The set of “Trio of Tree Ornaments” painted by Debbie are lovely.  Each tree has a different snow scene.  So lovely you won’t be able to resist them, I promise.



WOW, we have so many!  Eleven projects in recent issue of PaintWorks and Quick & Easy Painting magazine.  We are so grateful that our tin has been so well received.  You can expect a number of other articles painted on our tin before the end of the year.  If you don’t subscribe; you should!  Subscribe to PaintWorks Magazine & Quick & Easy Painting.


Remember, Rosemary’s design on our Tin Lizzie will be out in PaintWorks the first week in October.  We still have a few left in stock.  We have a large shipment of them in the next container arriving the last week of October.


Look carefully at the six sets of ornaments designed by Trudy Beard, Debby Forshey-Choma, Jane Allen and Darlene Ferrier in Quick and Easy Painting.  They are all well done and unique for your holiday painting this year.


Karen Wisner’s great “Autumn Brew” design is in Quick & Easy Painting on one of our tea kettles.  The kettle is available in two sizes.  Unfortunately, we are out of the larger one.  The design can be reduced to fit the smaller size kettle.  The larger size will be in the next container.


In the current issue of PaintWorks you will find Trudy Beard’s “Wishing You a White Christmas”.  A white robed Santa on our large ale pitcher, lovely and very popular.  


In the same issue you will find another design on our Folk Art Express Train painted by Jill

De Maria.   It is a special piece and so well received.  The small photo does not do it justice.


For those of you that love the beach or have a home on the water, Jane Allen’s “Christmas by the Sea Ornaments” are a must for you.  These are also in PaintWorks.



Lynne Andrews’ new book "Celebrations" features an ornament painted on one of our puffed domed ornaments.  It is “Baby’s First Christmas” and would thrill any young Mother if you painted one for her child.  You could start a tradition of adding a new ornament each year.


This is a quick update on all that is new.  Expect more news and new products to make your holiday season warm, fun and personal.  Click the link and it will take you to the opening page for more information on these “goodies”.


Remember, you can “take care of you” by attending NET in October.  It will renew your spirit and have you ready to paint for the holidays with new patterns on wonderful new surfaces.  


Hugs, Della