November 2008                                  "News For Those Who Think With Their Hearts"                             Volume IV ~ Issue 5

November 17, 2008
The New England Traditions Show is now a fond memory, the spooks and goblins were plentiful in our neighborhood on Halloween night and today I polled all of the Wetterman clan to see how many there would be for Thanksgiving Dinner.  So that confirms it is November and December is definitely not too far behind.
The NET Show was a very busy show for us.  All of the projects painted on our tin in PaintWorks, Quick & Easy and Painting magazine created quite a lot of excitement. In case you missed any of them they can be found on the opening page of our web site.

We were grateful for the four Folk Art Angels from Pennsylvania that helped us at the NET Show.  Jane Allen, Darlene Ferrier, Linda Kapp and Sharon Wilkes helped us set up, worked in the booth to help us keep it stocked and also helped with the dreaded task of packing up at the end of the show.  Pennsylvania Angels are truly special.   Thanks ladies!

Are Back in Stock!!!

YES, YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY!  We told many of you we had presold all the Tin Lizzies due in the next container.  Since the advanced packing list we received said we would only receive a third of Tin Lizzies ordered we stopped selling them.  When we received our container, our order was complete.  How wonderful is that?
So, if you are one of the many that we told you we were out of cars that is definitely incorrect. In fact we had a very large shipment when we put them back in stock in the shopping cart.  However, if  orders continue at the pace they are now  we will run out again before the next shipment comes in.  Since you are on our mailing list you are receiving the latest on their status.
As most of you know Rosemary’s “Going to Grandmothers” Tin Lizzie made the cover of the Christmas issue of PaintWorks.  We sold out as soon as the magazine came out at NET.  So those of you that were disappointed can now order one.  Please share this with your painting friends.
Heads UP!!!  The large truck that is in our Tin Lizzie Collection will be in the next issue of PaintWorks due out December 8.  It has a wonderful Christmas design painted by Debbie Cotton.  On the other side of the truck is a design that is not a holiday theme and can be displayed all year.
More Tin Lizzies patterns are on their way.  In the spring there will be two of our Tin Lizzies featured in PaintWorks.  A car painted by Sonja Richardson with a flower garden theme for Mothers Day and   Rosemary West designed one for our large truck and it will be out in time for Father’s Day.
If you are interested in painting any of the above mentioned Lizzie’s we have them all in stock and can be ordered now.   
Tin Lizzies here.



Embossed Heart Luggage Tag Ornaments

 Fourteen new ornaments are on our New Tin Page.  We have other shapes and sizes
that will be coming in soon.  These are a new style, not puffed.  The three pieces shown above are my favorites.  The puffed hearts add a special look to them.  They were displayed at the last two shows and were well received.      New ornaments here.


New Berry Buckets

A  photo showing the size of the buckets in one group was recently added to the web. 
The smallest
and largest are reproductions of vintage buckets. 

 Great things are in store for 2009!
I know I keep telling you this and I apologize, but I just can’t help myself.  I am so excited about all the new things that I have planned. 
We recently received more new tin samples for '09.   An order has been placed so some of the new tin will arrive in time for Creative Painting in Vegas in February.  Shara Reiner has designed two purses (yes, purses) on new samples.  I am sure as soon as our conversation ended she whipped them right out.  What a talented and creative painter.  If you are attending the Vegas Show you can purchase both her pattern and the tin.  She will be designing on a number of our new pieces.  Now, that should give you something to look forward to. 
Would you like a sneak peek at some new tin?
Below are photos of the original pieces that I have purchased and there will be reproductions in a few months.  In the coming year we will concentrate on reproductions of antiques and vintage pieces.  We will continue to add items that I design, but the emphasis will be on the older pieces.    

Tin Doll Cradle Circa 1850
Purchased in Pennsylvania

Peter Ompir Piece painted on
a small dust pan from my collection.
Lunch Pail
Several styles will be available.

Glass Chimney Lamp

The lamp is a new piece for us that Maxine Thomas has designed a wonderful pattern for and has been teaching it.  We will place the lamp in the cart when our next shipment of lamps arrive in late December.

Many more surprises will be rolled out in the next few months.  You can expect new products each month in 2009.

Darlene Ferrier, one of the Pennsylvania Angels, gave this to me at the NET Show.  I love it!  Can anyone identify this?   Is it an old oil can, gasoline can for a car or tractor or possibly a container used on a train?

I would like to hear from you if you know what it was originally used for.

Our business is expanding so rapidly we need your help.  In order to make sure we have ample product in stock we must know when you are teaching a new design on our tin or have a magazine article scheduled.  Please email me so I have something on paper that tells me the date of the class or magazine article.
In the past two months we had numerous articles in magazines that had designs painted on our tin pieces.  We sold out of two pieces in couple of days after the magazines arrived.  We had about 50 pieces of each in stock.  Many  of our customers were disappointed that the products would not be available for three months. It takes that long from the time I order it until it arrives.  If we work together we can keep the painters happy.
We love for you to use our tin and we appreciate it more than you know.  We will have a lot of new items for you to paint on in a few months.  So keep up the good work.
Apparently many of you really needed new brushes.  We sold out of several brushes so quickly I have extended the Sale and you can place your orders and still receive the discount.  A new shipment will arrive by the time this Journal is received and all our brushes will be back in stock.
And in closing … 
Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on one’s blessings and we feel especially blessed.  Our business is going well and Bill and I are grateful for your support and friendship.  I am especially blessed to be able to earn a living doing something I love.  However, the largest blessing is the people that have touched our lives.  Folk Artist (remember, that is what you are, say it proudly and frequently) are a very special group. 
Our container with the Tin Lizzies and many of our ornaments did not arrive on time.  After   continued delays many of you had to wait a very long time for your order.  We apologize for the delay and inconvenience it caused.  Not one of you cancelled your order.  You were all kind and understanding.  That says volumes about the customers in our industry.  We truly appreciate each of you.
In a couple of weeks Bill and I will be leaving for a much needed vacation.  The warehouse will be open as usual for business.  Jennie, our daughter in law, will take care of your web orders and telephone orders.  Leave us a message and she will call you back.  I will check our email daily so orders will go on as usual.  I will still be only an email away should you need to contact me.  
While I am away taking care of me, remember to "take care of you"!  Wishing you a joyful, fun filled, family time at your Thanksgiving gathering.
With a grateful heart,



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