March 31, 2009             "News For Those Who Think With Their Hearts"               Volume V ~ Issue 3

I often say "it speaks to my heart". This phrase is so appropriate for the new collections some of your favorite artists are now designing on our tinware. Lynne Andrews’ lovely "Bunny Box" pattern was added to our web site today. This is the first of a series of designs by her on our tin. She is also working on another new series: "Lynne Andrews Collection of Ornaments".

Shara Reiner’s "Angel Thyme Ornament Collection" painted on tin pieces made from her designs will début in June at the SDP Show. Also completed by Shara are two purses (tin of course), a large grain scale and a lunch pail; both antique reproductions. These will also début at the SDP Show in Peoria, IL.

When all of our new antique reproduction tin arrives it will be primed in a black gunmetal finish and ready to paint. You will love it! Sand it lightly to add tooth (sticking power), remove the dust and you are ready to paint. Updated Tin Preparations can be found on our web site soon.



To see more new tin pieces
click here ... Coming Soon.


In our May newsletter you can expect another sneak peek of more new projects by Rosemary West, Maxine Thomas, Trudy Beard, Darlene Ferrier, Debbie Cotton, Jane Allen, Susan Mynyk, Debby Forshey-Choma and Lynne Andrews. These designers definitely think with their hearts and their designs make our heart sing!

None of the new tin or new designs will be for sale before the SDP Show in June. (However, Lynne Andrews “Bunny Box” pattern and tin are available for sale now.)

Our Home Page is updated and you will not want to miss the news posted there.

I have resumed travel teaching and new seminar samples will be available soon.

Seminar travel expenses can be saved for seminars booked before or after a show. Each year our schedule take us to the Las Vegas Creative Painting Conference, the SDP Show, Artist Expo in Houston, TX, the HOOT Show in Columbus, OH, the NET Show in Providence, RI and for the first time the shows in the Northeast, this year in Portland, OR.

The seminar does not have to be in the same state as the show, only on the way to or from the show. Email or call for details.


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Bill and I will be leaving on a Mediterranean Cruise and a few days in Rome to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary this week.

While we are away orders will be shipped as usual by our daughter in law, Jennie. She will return calls from messages left on our answering machine daily. The fax machine orders will be checked ever few days, but not daily. Please do not forget to enter the code in order to receive the discount on the Ornament Sale. Making it an Internet Sale only makes it easier for Jennie to deal with the business while we are away.

Finally, Bill and I would like to tell you how much we appreciate your support in our business. If I answer the phone when you call you know that he is not at home. He considers that part of our business, his territory. He tells me frequently how nice the people in this industry are. You make his day!

With warmest regards from both of us, Della

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