June 4, 2009             "News For Those Who Think With Their Hearts"                                      Volume V ~ Issue 4

Bill came in from the farm yesterday very tired, a little grumpy and concerned that he has so much freight to unpack and not enough room to store it in the warehouse. His major concern was “can he get it all of the new products in the trailer?”  Trust me, it will all be in the trailer!

For the past couple of Journals you have been tempted with info about the new products that would be available this summer.  Well, it is summer and the first shipments are arriving.  Bill and our daughter-in-law, Jennie, are working again today on the first shipment.  Another shipment is due early next week and it will be added to the cart before we leave for the SDP Conference in Peoria.  Not all of our new products will arrive before we leave so it will be added when we return.  The products that arrives while we are away will not be ready to ship until early July.  It takes us at least a week to unpack the trailer and be ready to do business after we return from a show.

Our warehouse will be closed and there will be no shipping during this time period. When we open again all orders placed on the web will be shipped in the order they were received.

If you need tin for a class please place your order no later than June 10.

We are adding twenty three new patterns and thirty plus new ornaments to our web site.  That is an all time record for adding new product at one time.  There are numerous larger pieces; two new Tin Lizzies, two new purses, two containers that can be used as purses, Antique Scale Pan, Antique Lunch Pail, large Witches Hats in two sizes and others that I can’t recall.

A new series of ornaments arrived this week.  Four of the five buildings are houses and the fifth is a church.  All the houses have one or two chimneys. They all have a unique swirled hanger.  If time permits they will be on the home page when you receive this Journal, if not they will be in the cart and on the home page soon.

Another vintage delivery van.  This one has a carriage rack on the top. It can be used for any product and personalize it with a family name.  It will make a great gift for a family member of any age on your list.  

FOLK ART AIRPLANEit is a honey!
It just arrived and it is really cute.  One more piece to add to our Vintage Tin Lizzies.  Next Month we will have a school bus, that's right, a school bus.   Airplane.



I received four photos from Debbie today painted in her beautiful vintage, aged style.  Our 8, 10 and 12 inch Victorian Cones were used in her newest pattern, "Vintage Christmas Cone Collection". These are perfect containers for a small gift, candy canes or fresh greenery.  We will be adding other patterns by from Debbie soon.  New Pattern.

Trudy’s new patterns are both fun and special.  If you are looking for Easter patterns Trudy’s "Bunches of Bunnies" and "Spring Babies" are the ones.  She is painting a Halloween design on our new 12" tall Witch Hat.  It will be released at Peoria.


Who would not love "Best Witches" hanging on their door knob at Halloween?  Her Teeny Weeny Halloweeney" pattern has two designs for containers for your Trick or Treat goodies. 

View Trudy's patterns.


There is a  new pattern in the current issue of PaintWorks Magazine by Rosemary painted on our Vintage Truck.  It is covered in veggies and flowers.  Miniature watering cans and a bucket are painted with flowers, fruit, a bird and a rabbit.  We thought we ordered more than enough trucks, but we have shipped so many I am not sure we won’t run out soon. Rosemary West's Accessories Set

Ten new patterns for Shara are up for you to see.  Four are ornament patterns (two designs in each packet) from her new “Angel Thyme Ornament Collection”.  They can be used all year as door, chair and cupboard decoration or on your tree at Christmas.  These are mostly specialty ornaments I designed for Shara.  We have other ornaments designed for Shara on our Coming Soon page.  They will not be available until early July.  Angel Thyme Packets.

Our NEW 8”, 10” and 12” Puffed Wall Hearts are in stock and can be ordered now.  Shara plans to make wall hangings from them.  She has already designed many of the new ornaments in the Coming Soon section.  These patterns will be available at Artist Expo and at HOOT. Coming Soon pages.


Six new patterns were added for Lynne this week.  Five of these are the first ones in her new pattern series “Inspirations”, A Collection of Christmas Patterns.  Lynne also has an adorable Bunny Box that you will love.  New Packets.

Maxine has designed a new pattern "Harvest Bowl" on our NEW Scale Pan FT-2220. She has another new pattern "Angel Patches Box".   Both of these new designs will be on our web site in June. These patterns will not be sold on the web until we return from Peoria. View photo on our home page.


Take a look at the NEW “Scruffy Brush Pin” Pattern Kit by Susan on our web site.  It includes everything you need to make pins.  The kit includes the pattern and instructions, a new brush with a new precut and painted handle, a charm and a pin back. You can you make a pin from the packet and learn how to turn your old scruffy bushes into pins.  

In Peoria we will have beautiful Scruffy Brush Pins made by Susan especially for this show. These sell out at each show since painters buy three or four at a time as gifts for their painting friends.  Come by the booth early so you won’t be disappointed. Pattern.




Ellen has a darling Christmas Ornament with a Santa face on one of our new two piece ornaments.  We sold all of her patterns quickly and more are on the way. Pattern.


Both Jane and Darlene are working on patterns for the new purses that we have.  They will be online as soon as they have them completed.

Debby has new designs on our tin products that will be available soon.  We were late in sending her the tin she needed.  My apologies to Debby for dropping the ball with her order.  When her new patterns are available we will spotlight them in the newsletter and on our Home Page.

Well that wraps it up on the new goodies we have.  If you are coming to Peoria, IL lucky you as you will be able to see them up close and personal.  If not you can see them on our web site.  Photos never do the projects justice.  

I have more samples for sale on the web..   Sample Sale.

And in closing….
My cup runneth over as I am so blessed to be working with some of the best folk artist in the industry.  There is something on our web site for just about everyone. 

Don’t tell Bill, but I sure that we have outgrown three booths and we will have to expand to four booths.  Bill’s vision is never as large as mine.  He is a practical man and I am a dreamer.  I go to bed at night and my mind is racing with "what if" or ‘we could”.  Some nights I think it is both a blessing and a curse as I cannot go to sleep.  My mind continues to make new plans and my heart continues to listen.  What a wonderful place I am in right now; sharing with all of my folk art friends.

Don’t forget about the warehouse being closed while we are away.  Be sure to browse the web and look at all our wonderful, wonderful new goodies.  Remember there will be more to come next month.

Will I see you in Peoria?  Remember to make time for you and “think with your heart”. 

Hugs, Della

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