February 19, 2010                                          "News For Those Who Think With Their Hearts"                                 Volume VI ~ Issue I

The surfaces and patterns are ready for my class at the first show of the year, Creative Painting Conference in Vegas. As you read this we are either preparing to head west to Vegas or we are already on our way. It offers a break from the routine at home and the opportunity to visit with so many of our Folk Art Friends. Each week Bill speaks to so many of you taking orders on the phone and we know many of you will be there.

Shara has a new book that will be released at the show and new packets using our tin. Like last year, her booth will be directly across from ours. It will be a fun time.

If you did not attend the show and purchase them from Shara they will be available on our Web site the week after the Vegas Show. You can preview the new patterns and book on our home page.

A new container arrived yesterday and along with the merchandise we had ordered there were twenty new samples. OK, I know that each time this happens I tell you how wonderful they are. This time I won’t do that. Here are the photos and you can decide for yourself.

Folk Art Tin
Folk Art Tin
Folk Art Tin
Folk Art Tin
Chestnut Roaster
Warner Wrede Dustpan
Candle Sconce
Colonial Coffee Pot
Folk Art Tin
Folk Art Tin
Folk Art Tin
Folk Art Tin
Olive Oil Can
Rolling Pin Holder
Sm. Butter Churn
Tall Churn
Folk Art Tin
Folk Art Tin
Folk Art Tin
Folk Art Tin
Lg. Oval Watering Can
Mini Oval Watering Can
Mini Watering Can
Watering Can
Folk Art Tin
Small Scoop
Folk Art Tin
Folk Art Tin
Oval Match Holder
Match Keep
New England Scoop
Sm. NE Scoop

The new samples will be placed on the "Coming Soon" page in the shopping cart. We do not know when they will be ordered or will arrive as we just received them. Once I place the order you will find them in “Coming Soon” on our web site. As soon as we know when we will be receiving them it will be posted under the photo in the “Coming Soon” section.

A new feature for Della and Company will begin next week. We will be sharing our week in Vegas with you via emails. Photos in short emails will be shared with you starting the first day and ending with the close of the trade show. You can expect to see behind the scene photos of our booth set up, my class, and a few of your favorite big brushes might even be seen holding a new tin sample. You never know.

We will send a series of photos that will make you wish you were there and possibly have you packing your suitcase for next year. It will be a fun show next year as it is the 20th Anniversary year. Jane and Jay already have a lot of fun things planned.

The show will be moving to a new location. I know where, but promised I would not tell. So in the first New Flash from Vegas I will share that info with you.

Also check out the home page and watch it regularly as we added new products and who knows, there might be a Vegas special up next week in the Bargain Box. If there is, I am sure it will be a very special piece of tin at a bargain price, never on sale before. Hmmm, does that sound good?

New Seminar Project
I am working on several seminar projects for 2010 and 2011 and will post them on the web when I have two or three more. I recently completed a new design on our antique lunch pail with the wire bail and wooden handle. I will be teaching it in Albuquerque the week after the Vegas show and then again in the Salt Lake City area for a chapter seminar in April.

And in closing... What else is new? Well, our new great grand daughter, Melissa Anne Wetterman, now a month old. We now have three grandsons, one granddaughter and one great granddaughter. Thought you might like to see the grandparents and great-grandparents as we welcomed the newest member into the Wetterman family.

The one with the largest smile would be the new grand mom, Jennie. Many of you have spoken to her when we are out of town or if she has a question about your order. Gregg, the official photographer and grandfather, had someone take at least one photo of him and the new baby. The guy sitting in a rocker and looking “grandfatherly”, is Bill, not quite sure how to hold her. And then there is a photo of me, holding my little Lissa the precious gift the Lord has bestowed on our family.

Jennie and Lissa
Gregg and Lissa
Bill and Lissa
Della and Lissa

With a full and grateful heart, Della

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