May 31, 2010                   "News For Those Who Think With Their Hearts"                  Volume VI ~ Issue III

WOW!!! Wichita we love you!
It was a new venue in a smaller city for our annual SDP Painting Conference and we loved it. No traffic to contend with, “Old Town” is nearby and we had dinner in two great restaurants, Mexican and Cuban. Shuttles were available for visits to the SDP headquarters and to Old Town. Two new hotels will be open across from the Convention Center next year.

Did I mention there was a huge antique mall near the convention center? It will be nice to return to a familiar location. No surprises. I look forward to the conference in Wichita in 2011.

Our booth was a popular spot at the trade show. The enthusiasm was reminiscent of the “good old days” when aisles were crowded and painters raced to their favorite booth for fear they would sell out before the first day was over. While the aisles were not jammed our booth was very busy and filled with excitement.

Melinda Barnes, my webmaster, or “my girl Friday”, was responsible for the great photos you received in the daily Wichita Newsletter. Was that a hit or what? I received dozens of emails each day telling me how much you enjoyed the newsletter, wished you were there and you would do your best to join us next year.

Melinda took so many photos we added two pages of photos on to our web site. Please share these with all of your painting friends and the Newsletters too, they are linked on our Home Page. We want to see all of you in Wichita next year!

What a list!!! This will definitely take a while. I am not sure we have ever added as many new products as we had in Wichita. We also ran out of so many of them I could hardly keep up.

The DAC ornament book “Ornament Extravaganza”
is wonderful! It is a treasure. The ornaments are beautiful and unique; painted by many of your favorite artists. Many of the artists painted on our tin ornaments. The photos of our ornaments on our Home Page.

Maxine Thomas

released a lovely new book, “Country Primitives 15”, with five ornaments painted on our tin. We sold all that we took to the show. Both the book and the ornaments are available on our web site.
Purchase here.

Her “Star Santa” pattern was a huge hit in our booth! The Star Santa is painted on a Table Top Pull Toy, an ornament and there is a tray design that can be painted on our 11 inch square cut corner tray. The pull toy and the ornament are dimensional with attached arms and a Victorian Cone on his back. We have a limited number of pull toys in stock. However, a good supply of the ornaments are still available.

SHARA REINER’S “Halloween Tree” containers and ornaments sold out at the show. Her “Christmas Lizzie” pattern painted on our Vintage Truck sold well. These can all be ordered online. Shara’s new book “Blooming Inspiration” with co-author Laurie Speltz is selling well. We are on our second order. Shara's Patterns and "Blooming Inspiration" Book.

TRUDY BEARD’S “Halloween Haunted House”, “Best Witches”, the small tin Witch Hat Ornaments and our 12” Witches Hat and patterns either sold out or almost sold out before the show was over.

Trudy has a dozen new Easter Eggs painted on our small oval ornaments. These were displayed on her pink Easter tree with the Easter ornaments that were painted last year. I hung her small oval buckets and round buckets on the tree and it was spectacular. The ornaments and the patterns flew out of the booth.

I failed to mention her new Rose Clock pattern and the new Rose DVD that was made to go along with the Rose Clock pattern. It is very popular and we sold almost all of our last shipment of the DVD at the show. It is 2 hours long and EXCELLENT!

LYNNE ANDREWS has a new pattern for our antique doll cradle and it is beautiful. She shipped the cradle to the show site. Loved it!!! I will be painting one for Lissa, our new great granddaughter.

Lynne Andrews
Lynne Andrews with new Cradle
Lynne Andrews
Close-up of Lynne's Cradle

Her new book will be released in August at HOOT in Columbus, OHIO. A new two story ark with a tree inserted into the roof of the ark, all made of tin will be in the book. A pair of whales and lions as well as Noah and his wife and a dove with an olive branch will hang on the tree. It will be an exciting new tin piece in our product line. It has been a year in the making. The sample for the ark arrived last year while we were in Columbus for the HOOT show. Lynne and I celebrated behind the curtains in the storage area when we opened the box. It has been a long time in coming, but so worth the wait.

She will also have new tray pin patterns at HOOT.

New patterns by SONJA RICHARDSON are now on our web site. They reflect her unique use of color and designing skills. The most popular pattern in booth in Wichita was her “LOTS OF FRUIT” using our tin fruit on a grapevine wreath. It was a show stopper!

Sonja Richardson

Number two on the “most popular” list had to have been the “Spooky Halloween” pattern. It is a scream! She used a large gourd for the head with our large Witch Hat placed on top. A blackbird perched on the brim of the hat and two Halloween ornaments were hanging on the side. We sold all of the Witches hats we took with us as the pattern is so clever.

Sonja Richardson
Sonja Richardson
Sonja Richardson

She had so many popular patterns. Other show stoppers were her “Halloween Truck” painted on our Vintage Truck and two other packets; “Halloween Ornaments” and “Peek a Boo”.

Sonja RichardsonSonja painted on our tin airplane and she named it “DC 24” (for December 24) “The S. Claus” plane. It had to be the most popular piece in her booth and she could not sell the pattern. It will be published later this year in a Christmas issue of PaintWorks. The photo does not do the plane justice. We sold all of the planes we took to the show and only have a limited number in our warehouse. Hopefully we will have more planes in by the time the Christmas issue is out. PaintWorks Magazine

NEW PRODUCT ARRIVALS and other items of interest…
I am really excited about our new Cake Stand in three sizes that just arrived. These pieces are destined to be best sellers! We added another new piece; a lamp shade for our Rectangle Lamp w/Chimney. In the future the lamp will be sold with the shade. The lamp shade may be ordered separately. Cake Stands, Lamp w/Chimney and Lamp Shade.

Jane AllenChris Thornton-Deason

Our large Mercantile Box painted by Chris Thornton-Deason was featured in the latest issue of PaintWorks. It has a wonderful technique applied to the surface… embossed copper.

A ”Seashell Lamp” painted by Jane Allen is also in the current issue of PaintWorks.

Other pieces of our tin painted by some of your favorite artists will be in PaintWorks, Quick and Easy and Painting Magazine in the second half of this year. Artists that come to mind are Rosemary West, Shara Reiner, Sonja Richardson, Judy Westergard, Lynne Andrews, Jane Allen, Kim Christmas and others. I am working on a Christmas project for a Christmas Issue of PaintWorks. Visit PaintWorks' website.

My NEW SEMINAR SAMPLES were on display at the show and the response was heartwarming. It looks as though I will be traveling a lot in the future based on all of the inquiries that are coming in. View Seminar Samples.

With no airfare to pay for it makes the seminar more affordable for a chapter. Please contact me if you are interested in the details. Since March Bill and I have driven to seminars in Albuquerque, the Salt Lake City area and Colorado Springs. The painters loved the “mini trade show” Bill set up for them at these seminars.

Della and Company will be exhibiting in the following trade shows and painting conferences:


July Artist Expo Houston, TX -- Website
August HOOT Columbus, OH -- Website
October NET Providence, RI -- Website
Two other shows that we will not be attending, but hopefully you will if you live in the area are listed below:
September Tole Country Oklahoma City, OK -- Website
September Northwest Toliners Decorative Painting Convention Seattle, Washington -- Website

Now for some very good news... great bargains are on the way!!! We are out of room in our warehouse and we cannot justify adding an addition. I will reduce and/or discontinue some of our inventory to make room for the new tin that will be added this fall.

We will be adding some of these items to the Bargain Box. Some will be in limited numbers. Others will be in sufficient quantity to be ordered for classes at bargain prices.

So, to take advantage of the bargains you must check every couple of days as we will replace the sale items every two to three days. The first one in the series was place in the bargain box yesterday.

We will have three booths filled with new painted samples in Houston. All of the samples for the new patterns from Sonja Richardson, Maxine Thomas, Shara Reiner, Trudy Beard and others will be on display. Samples of the new tin that will be in later in the year will also be on display.

Across the aisle from our regular booths will be a booth filled with tin that we are discontinuing. Jennie, our daughter-in-law, will be there running the booth. She and Bill are clearing out the warehouse of odd lots of old tin that we do not have on the web and some that are on the web that we will be discontinuing. GREAT bargains for both students and teachers: the early bird will take advantage of the best bargains.

The show has been moved to the Woodlands and the location is great. Go to Artist Expo for all the information about the show and the area around the show. I hope to see you there.

With the year almost half over, and the busiest part of the year approaching it is an exciting time for our business. We do our very best to keep new products and great designs coming in each and every month for our customers.

Be sure to check out the Home Page. We had to add a second page so click at the bottom of the first page to go to the second page so you don’t miss anything!

I look forward to seeing each of you at a trade show this year.

With a grateful heart I thank you for continuing to support our business. Remember to think with your heart.

Warm hugs, Della

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