August 24, 2010                   "News For Those Who Think With Their Hearts"                  Volume VI ~ Issue IV

We exhibited at Artist Expo in Houston, then a seminar in Paducah, KY, another one in Hillsboro, OH and on to Columbus, OH to set up for the HOOT Trade Show. Four weeks on the road with two seminars, two trade shows and back to Texas.

Newsletters from both of the shows obviously met a need greater than I could have imagined.  The response was overwhelming, and yes, we will continue to send them from each painting conference.  Melinda Barnes, my webmaster, has worked diligently to get these out each day.  She was not able to be in Columbus so a good friend of hers, Susan Phillips took all of the HOOT photos and sent them to Melinda with a great new phone/camera she has.   I owe a large debt of gratitude to both of these ladies.

Where to begin… Artist Expos moved to The Woodlands and the facility was wonderful. The show continues to grow and was larger than last year. You received details in the Newsletters sent from the show so you know what a great time you will have if you come. I hope to see you there next year.

What fun both Bill and I had with the painters at both of the seminars I taught on the way to HOOT. We set up a "mini" trade show at both places. The majority of the members in most chapters have never been to a painting conference or attended a trade show. Setting up a mini trade show at both of these chapters let them experience the fun and excitement of seeing Folk Art by our artists. We plan to book seminars on the way to and from trade shows next year. We are driving to the shows and the chapters receive a break with little or no travel fee.

It had only been a few days since we had seen the ladies from the two chapters we taught, but they came to HOOT. It was an enthusiastic, fun reunion with members of both chapters on the trade show floor. HOOT was a great show and the crowds were good. Four bus loads of excited painters from three states arrived on opening day. We were so busy we could hardly keep merchandise out. Jane, our girl Friday, was there as usual and Al, her husband, worked with us again. We are so grateful for these two wonderful people. We could not have made it had it not been for their help. (Click here for photos from the shows and seminars.)

OK, now for the news you are waiting to hear.

"Gran's Travels" is a new book by Ros Stallcup. It is a lovely book with lots of color and step-by-step instructions showing, even an inexperienced painter, how to paint her style. She painted on our sewing box, shown here and our clock. It is available on our web site now. Folk Art Tin Sewing Basket FT-2018, Square Mantel Clock FT-2168 and "Gran's Travels" RS-001.

Ros Stallcup Ros Stallcup Ros Stallcup

What is "Great and Small"? Lynne Andrews new book with a wonderful design painted on our new tin ark complete with a tree and ornaments. The ark was the hit of the show and her booth was also the hit of the show! The painters were lined up in front of her two booths and in front of her neighbors booths the whole show.

Lynne Andrews

Lynne Andrews
Lynne and Ken Andrews in Lynne wonderful booth at HOOT.
(To see other photo from the HOOT Painting conference click here)

Lynne's Ark was definitely at the top of the list of "What Was New and What Was HOT". We sold all that we took with us by the second day of the show. Our trailer was so full we had to have arks shipped from the California warehouse to the show. We now have a good supply in our warehouse so they can be ordered now. Ark w/ Ornaments FT-2268.

Our large and small Witch Hats sold out on the second day at HOOT. We ran out of our Witch Hat Ornaments before the show was over. The large and small hats are out of stock and will be until October. Witch Hat Ornaments are available and ready to ship FT-2228.

Trudy Beard, CDATrudy has a new Witch Hat pattern that can be used for both fall and Halloween. You will find it in the current issue of PaintWorks.

All of Trudy's Halloween patterns sold well. Check out her patterns for Halloween Haunted House ornaments, buckets, small witch hat ornaments and more.

Trudy's Patterns

PaintWorks MagazineKim Christmas


Kim Christmas has both a hat and ornaments in Quick and Easy.

The ornaments are adorable and fast painting. Her hat is equally adorable and will be a fun addition to your Halloween decorations.

Quick & Easy Magazine

The sale of the "Ornament Extravaganza" presented by the Decorative Arts Collection Museum continues to be very strong. Now is the time to start planning for your holiday painting. This book is exceptional and you will be helping to fund our wonderful new museum. It is a wonderful, wonderful table top book. If you never plan to paint any of the ornaments it is a great visual that you will love. Artists that painted on our tin in the book are:
Helan Barrick
Sharon McNamara-Black
Debbie Cotton
Heidi England
Mary Jo Leisure
Toni McGuire
Tina Sue Norris
Bobbie Takashima

All the images are from the book "Ornament Extravaganza" presented by the Decorative Arts Collection Museum and are used with permission.

Rosemary West's new project is in the Christmas issue of PaintWorks magazine and was on display at HOOT… in a word, it is wonderful. Painted on our new Slant Topped Box and that is on the web now for you to order. We have a limited number in the warehouse. Her Christmas projects always sell well… order soon. Also featured is a Peter Ompir Tray by Jane Allen and a Candle Storage Box by Debbie Cotton.

Rosemary West
Rosemary West
Jane Allen
Jane Allen
Debbie Cotton
Debbie Cotton

Sonja Richardson
Another project in the Christmas issue of PaintWorks that is sure to send you to our web site to order the tin is a Christmas Airplane and ornaments designed by Sonja Richardson. It is unique and the colors are soft with a water color look. The colors are lovely. It will be a great addition to add to your Christmas decorations. The plane is available now FT-2221.


Our reproduction of an antique Sturbridge Gooseneck Coffee Pot will be here in a day or two as will the antique reproduction of an Oval Match Safe. Other reproduction pieces will be arriving in each container this fall.

WHAT IS NEXT?Folk Art Train

In five weeks we will be on the road again. First stop is for NET, New England Traditions in Providence, RI October 6 – 10. I will be teaching the Folk Art Train Engine and matching coal car. NET website

Attention! Painters in Canada… we will be back for the second year and we hope to see you there! The morning after NET we will drive to Canada to exhibit in Salon des Arts Decoratifs 2010 at the Boucherville Convention Center located at Mortagne Hotel Montreal, Quebec, Canada October 14 – 17. Last year was a wonderful show and we know it will be better this year as we have so many new designs and tin surfaces. Canada Show Link

Las Vegas Creative Painting Conference February 27 – March 3 is on the radar after we complete the October shows. Creative Painting Classes are filling in Vegas, but it is not too late to register and make your plans for next year.

Della Wetterman


I will be teaching fruit on an oval tray. It has filled once and a second class will be offered.

Creative Painting Las Vegas


CALIFORNIA here we come… following the Vegas Show we will drive to California and teach a weekend seminar there. The date is March 12 – 13. We have a tentative date for a seminar in Arizona the following weekend. Information and details about these two seminars will be in the next newsletter.

It is a busy life that we all live; I could not love it more. The deadlines sometimes come at me so quickly I think I am in the fast lane, do not belong there and do not know how to get off. Could the same thing be said of your life? Probably so, it is called life.

Take care of you… leaving you with a warm hug, Della

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