November 13, 2011           "News For Those Who Think With Their Hearts"                Volume VII ~ Issue V

“On the Road Again” is definitely our theme song.  We were on the road for two seminars and two trade shows in four weeks.  I flew from Texas to the west coast for a trade show in Portland, then flew back to Dallas.  Bill picked me up and we headed to the east coast stopping for a seminar in Pennsylvania on the way, then on to New England for another trade show.  One more stop after the trade show in Mountain Home, Arkansas for another seminar before heading back to Texas in time for Halloween.

Lissa Wetterman


And here is our "Little Lady Bug" that came to "trick or treat' at her grandparent's house. This, of course, is Lissa… she will be two in January. The photos were made at the farm before they came. She had a great time that night as did her Dad and Mom. They had their camera to take photos of our little angel. All three of them were having such a good time and Dad forgot to take any photos. Lissa thought "trick or treating" was pretty neat.



I am sorry there was no time for a newsletter from the Raindrop Chapter's Painting Conference in Portland or the New England Traditions Conference.

Portland was a great show. I found there were more "Folk Art Tin" fans than I had expected. The people were so gracious and nice. They felt sorry for me, there alone and helped me in so many ways. Did not take a camera as I knew it would not be practical to think I could take photos or write newsletters in the evenings. Great show, glad I went.

We headed to the east coast, making a stop in Pennsylvania for a seminar with the Mountain Laurel Decorative Painters. This was in the area that had the devastating floods. It is so different when you see it as opposed to watching the news, We were a days drive from the NET Show.

The New England Traditions Show had changed locations from Providence, RI to Marlbrough, MA. The attendance was larger than last year and the facility was nice. No newsletter from this show either. My thanks to Kim Hogue for taking photos in our booth the last 30 minutes of closing day. We had a "camera malfunction". As you can see in the photo below we were all tired and a little giddy by then and ready to pack and load the trailer.

Della and Company
.Bill and Della, Al (the tin man) and Jane
having a little fun at the end of the show
Della Wetterman
Della and Company booth at the
New England Traditions show
View all the photos from the NET show here

Al and Jane headed home as soon as we had the trailer loaded. They drove a few hours that evening and had a shorter drive the next day. Bill told me to choose where I would like to eat before we returned to the hotel. In New England my two favorite places to eat are Daniel Webster Inn on Cape Cod (too far away) and Longfellow's Wayside Inn. We stayed at the Daniel Webster Inn for several days on our first trip to New England years ago. We had dinner at Longfellow's Wayside Inn while on the same trip. Love both of these inns. We knew it was in the area, but had no idea where it was. As it turned out it was about twenty minutes from our hotel. We had a lovely candlelight dinner, a nice ending to for our trip to New England.

Next day we were on our way to Arkansas for a seminar with the Apple Blossom Decorative Painters in Mountain Home, the last stop before heading home. If you follow this link you will find a recipe for Apple Loaf from Mary Metcalf… it is delicious. I know it will become a family favorite.

THE DECORATIVE PAINTERDella Wetterman Decorative Painter Della Wetterman Decorative Painter


The Christmas issue of the DP is out. You have either received yours or you will shortly. I have a project in this issue that will be a part of our Christmas decorations this year Hope you enjoy it.



NEW PRODUCTS HAVE ARRIVED… love, love, love them!

It is almost like Christmas when a new container of tin arrives. These arrived just in time for you to paint for someone on your holiday list.

Folk Art Tin
Large Ale Pitcher
19" tall x 6" base

Folk Art Tin
Antique Mercantile Bin With Roll Top 11 ½" x 9" wide x 6 ½" deep

Folk Art Tin
Antique Measure
10" widex 9 ½" tall

Folk Art Tin
Antique Butter Churn
10" tall 6 ½" x 5 ½"
Folk Art Tin
Small Crumb Tray
8" T x 6" W x 1" D

Folk Art Tin
Oval Country Pail
(Wooden handle not shown)
11" T x 7 ½ " D x 11 W

Folk Art Tin
Antique Lunch Pail 2 Wire Handles 6" tall x 10" wide

Folk Art Tin
Decorative Watering Can
7" tall 3 ½" deep 10" wide

Some of your favorite artists are painting on the original samples as we speak. You will be seeing these in magazines, seminars and trade shows in 2012. We introduce new tin each year. These new pieces will inspire you and the creative thoughts are already happening.

We are adding new designs by Kim Christmas to our web site, just in time for your Christmas painting. Kim painted her lovely designs on a number of our Folk Art Tin pieces. We are adding several of her new patterns to our web site. Many of you are waiting for her Witch Hat and Ornament pattern and it will be in stock soon. It was first in the fall issue of Quick and Easy last year.

Kim Christmas Pattern Packet

Kim Christmas Pattern Packets
"Ring Christmas Bells" and "Angel Sweets" will be available very soon.

More Kim Christmas patterns will be on our web soon. For a sneak peek go to our Home Page.

THE PAINT BRUSH IS CALLING… so many deadlines
Deadlines seem to occur one after the other without a break, so it is a busy time in my life right now. The submission deadline was met for the Vegas Creative Painting Conference and I am ready for Artist Expo in Houston. I completed the submission to teach at HOOT in Columbus, Ohio in 2012. Love, love, love the completed piece. It is a Christmas design painted on one of my antique reproductions. Next deadline is for the new Dallas Creative Painting Conference and NET. So much painting has been happening with more ahead. It is good to be painting again.

ON THE ROAD AGAIN… last seminar of the year.
Once again I will teach the Pikes Peak Chapter in Colorado Springs, CO. I will be there November 19 – 20. If you live in the neighborhood we would love to have you join us. I taught there last year and what a fun, fun, group of painters! Ladies I am looking forward to returning to teach again.

If I am traveling near your area your chapter can book a seminar and pay little or no travel fee. I am working on my schedule for 2012 and beyond with a list of a dozen or more chapters to set dates and start confirming seminar dates next week. If you have any interest in booking a seminar linked to my travels and save on travel fees have your Chapter President or Seminar Chair contact me for more information.

We are so grateful for those of you that are painting on our products. We appreciate seeing them in conference catalogues, in magazines, and you using them in your seminars and hearing from your local students when they order from us.

Our manufactures have recently notified us that it will now take 4 months to receive our orders. So if you have classes scheduled for projects on our tin please let me know. With more teachers submitting projects on tin it is very difficult for us to keep the supplies needed in our warehouse unless we are notified in advance, well in advance.

It would very helpful if you will email and let me know what your schedule is and what tin you are using so we can be certain that we have it in the warehouse when you are ready to place your order.

Keep those brushes moving… we are glad you like our product.

A quick reminder that we have gift certificates for your gift giving. Better still, tell your loved ones you would like to receive one. You can be certain to receive the special tin you want. For that last minute gift you may need check out our Gift Certificates on our web site.

Plans for exciting additions to our business are under way for 2012. Folk Art Tin will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary. Della and Company has been around for twice that long. We will be moving our business to another level with new products. You can expect E-Packets online soon after the first of the year. Other "tech" products will follow. Starting in a few days we will discontinue some of our merchandise. This is the first time since Folk Art Tin became our primary product that we have discontinued any merchandise. Room is needed in the warehouse so price cuts will be deep. Emails will not go out each time we add something new to the Sale. Products will range from limited to enough for classes.

Well, the hour is late, very late and the midnight oil has burned past 3:00 AM for more nights than I care to think about. It seems it is happening again tonight. With the holidays approaching we will continue to have sales to help you with your gift giving.

Paint with your heart… sending a warm hug to each of you, Della

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