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August 22, 2013           "News For Those Who Think With Their Hearts"            Volume IX ~ Issue II



It is a beautiful Wednesday in the Texas Hill Country. I am in a home that sits on the side of one those hills. There are three levels with spacious flagstone decks on each level. What a breathtaking view looking out over the canopy of live oak and cedar trees. There is a small stream at the back of the property. A deer feeder just made a soft noise when the corn was released and ten deer came when they heard the release noise. It is hot today and they stay bedded down under the trees to stay cool while waiting for the corn to be released again. So fun to watch!

Della and CompanyDella and Compan


On this day last week we were driving back from the Hoot Show in Columbus, Ohio. We love that show, however we do not like the long drive home. We drove two, fourteen hour days as we were so ready to be home. The show is one of our favorites. However, at the end of the show we were exhausted. Then the work of packing everything up and loading it into the trailer began.

The attendance was down a bit this year. Reconnecting with friends is the best part of the whole "show experience" so many wonderful friendships have developed over the years.

Della Wetterman - Creative Painting Las Vegas 2014

Next show is the Vegas Creative Painting Conference in February 2014. HOOT and Vegas are our two best shows and also our favorites for different reasons. I am teaching a Santa on a new tin (pictured left) and it will be a great class in Vegas. I hope to see many of you in my class. The new divided bucket will be a part of your Christmas celebrations for years to come.

Creative Painting Vegas Website


New Product

Della and Company - Folk Art Tin OK, now, is the time that you hear me say "lots". As always our team of artist did not disappoint. You will find wonderful new projects posted on the web so check out our home page. Shara Reiner painted one of our tin lamp shades that is adorable and could be used on a lamp you already have. She also created a sewing basket with a unique pin cushion set that is so fun you will want to paint one of those as well.

Check out our home page and see all of the new pieces. Some are from recent issues of PaintWorks and some are pattern packets. There is a great new design painted on our Pie Keeper by Deb Antonick. Trudy Beard painted beautiful sunflowers on our Double French Flower Bucket, Jane Allen has a new fall tree and it looks great in its glass fruit jar to houses the tree. Jane also added several neat, neat patterns for ornaments. Last, but certainly not least is a lovey ornament designed by Lizabeth Stull painted on one of our arch topped ornaments with an embossed heart.Della and Company


The Victorian Cones will appear in the Christmas issue of PaintWorks magazine soon. You can get a head start by ordering the Folk Art Tin cones now so you will be ready to paint.

Victorian Cone Ornaments FT-2216

Now For Some Really EXCITING NEWS!!!…

The time has come for Bill and I to start to think about slowing down a little. Much as we love the trade shows at the painting conferences and conventions they are too physically difficult for us to do as many shows as we have in the past. We will be exhibiting at one or two trade shows each year and I will be travel teaching more for chapters and groups. The savings on travel fees for chapters that host a seminar that is "piggy backed" or connected to one (or more) chapters will receive a considerable savings on travel fees.

I am now working on my travel schedule for 2014. There are several chapters interested in linking with other chapters to take advantage of the savings on travel fees. Any chapter in any state interested in this can contact me and I will arrange schedules that link you with other chapters on the way to or the way home from seminars.

I am teaching in Pennsylvania after the HOOT Show 2014. I can link seminar(s) on the way back to Texas. I have another inquiry about teaching in Tennessee that could also be linked with other chapters. Also one in California. So send the info about a seminar and I will be in touch soon.


I want to share some other news and it is exciting. Starting in April of 2014 I will once again host Texas Based Seminars with guest teachers. For about 20 years I hosted and taught seminars in Salado, Texas. Della and Company and Folk Art Tin were growing so fast I no longer had the time to host the seminars. So an era of fun in that lovely little village of Solado ended and a new era will begin with Texas Based Seminars held in the Texas Hill Country.

You will love the plans we are putting into place for our seminars. I have spoken to a number of my friends and they are excited to come to the Texas Hill Country to teach and have fun with Rosemary West, Maxine Thomas, Trudy Beard and Lynne Andrews. Now that is an awesome list!!!

The first guest teacher for our new Texas based seminars will be Rosemary West. I will be sending out information soon for the first seminar in April 2014. The first seminar will be in Fredricksburg, Texas and it will be a three day seminar. I will post the information as soon as we have it worked out.

Sending a warm hug to each of you, Della

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