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September 25, 2014            "News For Those Who Think With Their Hearts"             Volume X ~ Issue II
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To say that we have been busy since you received the last "On the Road Again" newsletter is an understatement. We arrived home two weeks and a day from the day we left for a seminar and the HOOT Painting Conference. It is good to be home.

I could not squeeze any time in to write another post since the one you received on the way to HOOT after leaving the seminar in Lansing, Michigan. So today I will give you a short version of what life "on the road again" has been since my last post.

Sunday we arrived in Columbus. A number of us stay in the same hotel each year so when we arrive it is like a family reunion. Al and Jane Bartron drove from Pennsylvania and arrived shortly after we did. The timing could not have been better. Robert and Brenda Stewart from Virginia were checked in as were several other couples. A reunion of longtime friends commenced on a parking lot in Columbus, Ohio that day.

The Bartron's, Stewart's and Wetterman's went to dinner at a fun restaurant and spent the evening catching up on the events since last year. It was so nice to be with good friends again.

Bill WettermanOn Monday we unloaded the trailer and moved all our merchandise behind the curtained area of the booths. The two stock boys (also known as Al and Bill) organized it so the tin was easy to restock the booth when needed.

Tuesday was set up day. We could only unload the trailer the first day. The work begins on setting the booth up on Tuesday and must be completed by Wednesday at 3:00. The magic of opening night begins at 5:30 that night. The floor is always buzzing as the excited shoppers flood the room. It is exciting for the vendors as well. We were exhausted when the show was over, but we had a great night.

On Thursday and Friday buses came with painters from surrounding areas. It was a busy day and we ran out of many patterns and tin. Our new book "Two Folk Art Friends" by Rosemary West and Della Wetterman was to have been released at the show, but it was not ready in time. However, we had all the samples. Since we did not have the book we took preorders and will ship the book free to those that ordered at the show. We also offered 25% off the tin in the book that cost $30.00 or more. I am thrilled with the number of books that were preordered.

Two Folk Art Friends by Rosemary West and Della Wetterman


Today we received a copy of the cover of the book. So if you did not order at HOOT you can preorder your copy online and the shipping will be free. If you order any of the tin used in the book there is a 25% discount on the tin pieces that cost $30.00 or more.
Della Wetterman

We have photos on the home page that we took of the samples at HOOT. They do not do the samples justice, but will help you to know if you would like to have the tin. I think we will have the photos from the book soon and they will be online as soon as we receive them.

We had a wonderful display of new patterns with samples. Our booth had a totally fresh new look. We had very few old samples in the booth. Wish you had been there to see it. If you did not attend the show the next best thing is to go to our website and take a look at the photos of the new product.

Melinda is putting them up on the web as quickly as she can. Check in to see what additions have been made on the web. It will take her several days to post all of the new products.


We had five new artist samples and patterns in the booth. They have not displayed their work in our booth before.   Linda Sharp - Robin Mani - Pat Saunders - Amy Mogish - Prudy Vannier.


We had tin used in three new books: Della Wetterman and Rosemary West (10 projects) - Debbie Cotton (1 project) - Kim Christmas (2 projects).


In addition to the 5 new artist and books the following had new patterns: Rosemary West - Jane Allen - Barb Bunsey - Kim Christmas - Shara Reiner - Maxine Thomas - Deb Antonick

There are 37 new pattern packets plus the designs on tin in three books - that would be 50 new designs. It was a great line up in our booth. I doubt that another booth had as much new product as we did.

We did run out of some patterns at the show and those will not be available immediately. We will have them back in stock ASAP. We sold out of both of Amy Mogish's new patterns and those arrived Saturday and are available in the shopping cart.


One more bit of information to share with you. We have added new, grey primed tin to our inventory. I will have photos of it online soon.

This is an exciting time for Della And Company. I know the new products I have shared made my heart beat a little faster and hopefully yours as well.

I always enjoy the first few days I am home when I return from a show or seminar. It is a treat to share the news with you.

Exhibiting is always a special time as we renew friendships over and over again on the trade floor. I experienced that at HOOT. I had a wonderful surprise when a longtime friend stopped by my booth. Jen Sykes!!! I can't tell you how happy I was to see her. She is a painting friend from years past. And she was standing in my booth with a group of four her folk art friends.

Della Wetterman
Della and Jen in the middle. Other friends are Linda, Patsy, Helen and George

Those of you with grey hair will remember Jen Sykes. She is a talented designer, painter and friend from years past. She is a dear woman and so talented. She walked into my booth with George Neal. I focused on the face that I knew, George's, and when I turned to my surprise I saw Jen! She had a booth and was exhibiting at HOOT!

She has a lovely painting style. Her style has a European flair that reflects her heritage. Look for lovely new patterns from Jen… some will be painted on Folk Art tin.

All good things came to an end. The show closed, but we can look forward to next year. If only we did not have to pack the contents of the booth and load it all in the trailer and head to Texas. With thoughts of Texas it is time to think of our Hill Country Seminar.


Yes, we said annual last year and it will definitely be an annual affair. Information for the annual spring TEXAS HILL COUNTRY SEMINAR with Rosemary West will be posted very soon. The dates and hotel are not firm yet. As soon as I have a contract I will send the registration information. You should have the dates and location in less than two weeks.

Della and CompanyHeading home is always something we look forward to. We know our family is waiting for us back in Texas. I am ready to see my sweet, sweet granddaughters, Arden and Lissa, their parents, Jen and Gregg, our other son's family Bill, Jr. and Lexa and their boys, Trey and Chris.

On the two day drive home we know that a special little blonde will be waiting for us there. Lissa is four and a half now. She will run to her Poppa and slap his hand with a "high five". She loves to do it. And of course we are eager to see Beau our Bichon. He is a huge part of our life and we always have a happy reunion with him. When we leave town he stays on the farm with Gregg and his family


We will see Arden, our first born granddaughter before she goes back to school this week. She will graduate in December with a nursing degree. She is currently carrying a 3.9 grade average. We are so very proud of her accomplishments.

I will give equal time and post more about our grandsons in the next newsletter.


So until next time… remember to think with your heart as life is so much better when you do, Della
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