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February 2, 2015            "News For Those Who Think With Their Hearts"             Volume XI ~ Issue I

The year passed so quickly I will have to become accustomed to writing 2015… hardly seems possible that we are in a new year.

Plans for this year have become a full time job the past week. My mind bounces from one project to another. I have so many plans I want to implement. So, I must prioritize, prioritize!!! That is not one of my stronger attributes. Ideas are what I do best and the last one I had is the best one and I want to "DO IT NOW!!! So I will try to keep myself "under control" and move along logically.

Our first show of the year will be in Vegas, with a seminar in Las Cruces, New Mexico on the way to Vegas. When the show ends we will leave for a seminar in the San Francisco area the following weekend. I love the Vegas Show. We are always eager to load the trailer and head west in late February. Friends that we have not seen since August of 2014 will be there and I can't wait!

We will be leaving in less than two weeks . It will be an exciting trade show. The samples from our book, "Two Folk Art Friends" that Rosemary West and I released last year at HOOT will be on display. There is still time to register for the classes and have a wonderful time at the show. Will I see you there? I hope so!!!

Della and Company new book


That is right… another new book will be released at the Vegas show, "Celebrate Christmas with Della and Friends". Samples by Shara Reiner, Jane Allen, Lynne Andrews, Maxine Thomas, Rosemary West and "me" will be on display in booth.

Order online now and it will be shipped as soon as we receive our shipment from the printer. If you are attending the Vegas Creative Painting Conference it will be available at the show February 25, 2015.

Click here to order the new book.


Another great show that we have been attending long before there was a Vegas Show. We feel as though we are going to a "family reunion" at all of the shows, but HOOT has a very special place in our heart. I have attended HOOT for years… well, a long time.

Teaching on the way to or from a trade show is the easiest way for us to schedule seminars. We are already pulling a trailer filled with wonderful samples and products. Travel fees are real bargains when you book this way. I have a slot for a seminar connected with HOOT in August, contact me for details. In today's world saving money is a reality for chapters. Contact me for more information for bookings in 2016 with very reasonable travel fees.


Wetterman Wetterman








My sweet little Lissa was five years old last month. She spent two days with us recently. We paint each time she stays overnight or spends the day. A year and a half ago we were on vacation in Europe and I purchased an unpainted wooden Pinocchio. I planned to paint it for Lissa. Instead I decided we would paint it together. As it turns out she is painting it basically by herself. He is tall with a "lethal" long nose. He is jointed with pegs so he can sit on a shelf with his long legs swinging over the side. She loves him and I love watching and helping her. We will complete the painting the next time we paint. So Pinocchio will find a new home on the Wetterman farm with Lissa soon.

I took photos of her painting this time. She has learned to "blend the paint" on her brush on the palette. She also knows that pure reds are transparent and white must be added to the first coat so the red will be brighter and the coverage is better. Makes my heart sing each time we paint… truly an artist in training.

To make certain this art form is not lost keep this in mind: "Each one can teach one". We all know someone we can share our joy of painting with. You don't have to be a teacher, "just share what you know".

Make a list… children in your family or neighborhood, young mothers, other family members and friends.

I did say I would prioritize and I am. My list is long. I will be sharing new plans for 2015 in the next newsletter.

Many of you told me how much you enjoy the photos of our family. We recently added more to our "family web page". So you can check them out after you finish the Folk Art Journal.

Wetterman Family

Wetterman FamilyArden Wetterman
Our granddaughter graduated with honors, 3.9 grade average and on the dean's list recently. She took the exam for a nursing license and we have been waiting for the results. She called today…. she passed!!! So thrilled as she did it on the first try.

She will work in a neonatal
unit in a Waco hospital.


Wetterman'sNow… equal time for another grandchild… Christopher Wetterman our youngest grandson, graduates from high school this year. He is the short guy in our family Christmas photo on the family page… just kidding. He is 6' 5". He made the First Team All District Academic Football Team. Way too go Christopher!!!

(These grandchildren got their good genes from their grandmother.)

Both Christopher and his brother, Trey, are Eagle Scouts. Most of the credit goes to their mother, Lexa. These guys are terrific young men.

They moved from Plano when Christopher started high school. He had completed his Eagle Scout requirements with the exception of one last project. Try as she may, Lexa could not motivate him to complete that last step. Recently he finally decided she was not going to 'let it go" and completed the last step. So this 6' 5" young man went back to Plano and had his "review" and is officially an Eagle Scout. Congrats to our new Eagle Scout!

Love the photos they sent to us. He and his brother were having a little fun "horsing around". Check out the photos of them on the Family Page here.

Our grandchildren are a blessing… God is good.

Until next time, "hug those you love often" and "think with your heart". Life becomes a "special event" when you do.

Thinking with my heart I wish each of you a "Happy and Healthy" New Year. Sending each of you a warm Texas hug, Della
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