May 2, 2007                                   "News For Those Who Think With Their Hearts"                             Volume III ~ Issue 3

Easter in Central Texas

It was an unusual Easter in ’07. We had snow on the Friday and Saturday before Easter. Even though it covered the ground the flowers popped through. The irises were blooming in our yard, the blue bonnets in the fields near our farm were in their prime as were the Indian Paint Brushes. What a sight! Isn’t it beautiful?

Easter 2007 in Central Texas will be a memory our grandchildren will recant to their children. This photo was sent to me by a friend and I thought you would enjoy their beauty.


Fort Worth Chapter Seminar

I recently taught a seminar for the chapter members in Fort Worth, TX. What fun! What a special group of ladies. Teaching several seminars over the years make them friends, even the new ones I had not met before.

My Trio of Bunny Trees was our two day project. In addition to the trees several painted the design on other surfaces and they were beautiful! A wonderful chest to house an Easter egg collection, a toy box for a grandchild, a stool for a grandchild, two wooden baskets and a lamp come to mind. The chapter has so many talented painters.

SDP Anaheim Convention (Exciting News)

A Christmas design is always a Folk Artist favorite. Lucky you! We have so many new Christmas designs for trays, an ornament box and loads of super ornament patterns. If you are attending the Anaheim Convention you are in for a visual treat! The ornaments will be displayed in an array of small suitcases and trunks so you can see them up close and personal.

New Vintage Tin Treasures by Maxine Thomas, Rosemary West and yours truly.


Maxine Thomas, in her special charming style, designed a wonderful Santa with toys on our large square document box. The Ornament Box will have 8 Puffed Tin Christmas Ornaments to tuck inside and make a special person very happy. What a lovely project! It will be on display in our booth and of course the tin and her new pattern will be available for sale. We will offer the box and the ornaments at a special price at the show. If you are not attending the show you can take advantage of the "Online Anaheim Show Special" soon.


Rosemary West painted one of her new designs on our 10 inch round “Ompir Style” tray and one on our new vintage candle box tin that can be hung on the wall or used on a table top. These designs are both similar. The tray will be taught as a SDP Convention Special Event Class. The candle box piece will be in the PaintWorks issue that will come out just before the Anaheim show. Rosemary is also painting on some of our new puffed tin ornaments and the samples will be on display in our booth. The tin and patterns will be sold at the show.

As always, her unique dry brushing techniques results in a beautiful Folk Art treasure. The right brush for this technique makes a real difference. More about her brushes later in the letter.

You will be pleased with my samples and patterns for many new painted ornaments, a Folk Art document box and two new lamps. All new since last years show.

In addition to the samples mentioned above my new series of trays painted on our Ompir style tray will be on display. The patterns will be for sale as soon as they are taught at future conventions this year. By having them on display you can view them “up close and personal”, buy the surface and take it home with you. If you preorder the pattern we will ship the pattern free.

There will be six or seven other pieces that are scheduled to be taught at upcoming conventions this year. These are seasonal ornaments and jar lids that fit our large cookie jar with a metal stand and lid. Again, you can purchase the surface(s) at the show, prepay for the patterns and we will pay for the shipping of the pattern.

I am working on the long awaited Folk Art Express Train with an engine and two cars. You can load the cars with our cute miniature tins. I hope it will be completed by the time we go to Anaheim . It is my plan, but with so much of my time devoted to the care of my Mom and Dad it is doubtful that it will be. Some things can’t be controlled and my time to paint seems to fall into that category all too often now. Even without the train we will have a lot of new samples that you will enjoy seeing. As soon as I complete the train it will be on our web site and in one of my PaintWorks ads.

We expect to have a large order of the trains to sell at the show. If not they will be in within days after the show.

Folk Art Express Train here.

NEW Merchandise and a NEW Look for our Booth

What else will you see at the show?
♥  An updated look in our booth.
♥  A limited number of no longer used samples will be for sale at the show. Some will show wear from their travels.     Since these will be sold “as is”. If you are interested you should shop early.
 Artists Trading Cards are “free” with a $15.00 purchase. (While supply lasts, so shop early.)
♥  Expanded inventory of New Tin since last years show.
♥  An expanded pattern line will be on display. You will be pleased and want them all!
 Show Specials (bargain pricing on some of our tin and products.)
♥  Out of print Folk Art Books (most are hardback) with wonderful color photos.
♥  Collectible Hallmark "Crayola Christmas Ornaments" from years past. There will be 13 different designs from
    1989 – 2002.

New Tin from another New Supplier

We recently joined forces with a company that will produce new designs for us. The first of this new series will include two small coffee pots (Dutch in origin), three sizes of Berry Buckets with lids (replicas of old tins), and a wonderful old double French Flower Bucket. Best of all they will come boxed to protect the tin and they will be easier pack and ship.

The two coffee pots and the French Flower Bucket were “found treasures” at the Round Top Antique Show in the spring of 2006. The flower bucket is unusual and lovely with it’s double bucket and a handle. It is an old, rare piece. It will make a nice addition to your "vintage tin" collection.

I will keep you updated on their progress. The berry buckets should be in stock by late summer.

Did you know?

The containers that most of us refer to as Berry Buckets are not Berry Buckets at all? They were originally made to transport brew (beer) from the corner tavern. Dad would send Mom or the kids to fetch a quart or pint of brew for him, thus the different sizes. The lid kept the contents from spilling on the return trip home.

Ordering in Quantity

It is so important that you order early for your local classes, convention classes, table decorations for a chapter function, any time you require a large number of a single item. We do our very best to keep all of our products in stock. It is difficult to judge how any item will sell. We might have dozens of an item one day and three days later be completely out. This usually happens when a magazine article is published with one of our tins.

Our lead time is a minimum of 90 days and sometimes longer than 90 days. I have no control over that. It depends on how many orders are ahead of mine when I place the order.

Order well in advance so you will not be disappointed.

PaintWorks Articles

Lucky you if you subscribe to PaintWorks magazine. Rosemary West and I have two projects each in upcoming issues. The Candle Box (Folk Art Tin # FT-2071 mentioned earlier) painted by Rosemary will be in the issue that will come out just before the SDP Convention in Anaheim. The tin is available now. The sample will be on display in Anaheim. It is special!

A new design I painted on a set of our Three Heart Boxes (Folk Art Tin #FT – 2099) will be in an issue. It is a fun project and I love it. I hope you will too.

Rosemary and I will each have an article in one of their Christmas issues. There are three Christmas issues.

PaintWorks is a quality publication as is their sister magazine, Quick and Easy. You will find a link to their website on the links page of our website. It has withstood the test of time. Several magazines are no longer available, but the best one still continues to bring articles by the best of the best of the folk artists in our industry. New artists are introduced regularly in their publications. New products and where you can find them is reason enough to subscribe. If you do not have a subscription, you should! As a fan of our style of painting makes it worth the price of a subscription. There are so many other articles in each issue that you will enjoy. Subscribe today on the PaintWorks website.

Special Events and Class Projects

Photos of all of the Special Events to be taught at SDP in Anaheim, CA, Artists Expo in Houston, HOOT in Columbus, OH and NET in Providence, RI will be posted on the web soon. Remember, I have three of a series of seasonal designs on our 10 inch "Ompir Style" Folk Art Tin tray FT – 2054. Rosemary also has a wonderful Rooster design on the same tray. The tray is available in three sizes and is a really popular item.

The tin is available on our web site now and the patterns will be added to our website after the Special Event or class is completed.

Mr. Beau Jangles

Many of you are interested in Mr. Beau Jangles, our Bichon Frise puppy. Well, what can I tell you about Beau? Since our last Journal he has grown a great deal. He is into everything he should not be playing with. He chews and shreds paper better than our paper shredder can. His "potty training" leaves a lot to be desired. He loves everyone he comes in contact with and thinks they should love him back … and most do.

Given the opportunity from time to time he steals an occasional brush, a bottle or tube of paint or a sketch. He is always at my feet and makes each step that I do.

He continues to bring great joy to both Bill and I. We shake our heads and say “we don’t need a puppy”, but just like purchasing books, tin or patterns, need has nothing to do with it. It is the love and joy that he brings us that makes our hearts sing.

Artist Trading Cards… for my Folk Art Friends

A new tradition will be started at the Anaheim Show, Artist Trading Cards will be given away with a purchase.. Have you started an Artist Trading Card collection? Can’t make it to Anaheim? You would like one of my new trading cards? I can make that happen. As soon as the cards are ready, probably in two weeks, I will send out another letter telling you how to receive one.

For those of you attending the show information about our trading cards can be found in your program book to learn the specifics. We have a full page color ad. There will be a limited number of cards available so come early to the booth.

New Patterns

Many New Patterns by Rosemary West, Maxine Thomas, and Della. More will be added after we return from Anaheim so check back often. You will like what you see.

A Word about Brushes

We sell brushes on our web site. It is becoming more difficult to find a local shop to purchase brushes. We will be stocking them in good supply so they always will be available for you. Watch the brush page for added information and news about discounts on brushes.

Rosemary uses a filbert in several sizes that Bette Byrd Brushes now manufactures to her specifications to do her dry brushing technique. Not all filberts will work. This one works well.

Della’s Mop brushes are available in three sizes. They are made to my specifications for mudding or antiquing my pieces to achieve the aged and mellowed look are also available on my web site in three sizes. Over the years I have struggled with mops whose bristles were too wimpy, too stiff, too long, or too short with most of pure quality. These new brushes work exceptionally well for my technique. I am so pleased to finally have a product that allows me to softly and accurately blend my finishing technique.

As experienced painters we know that the proper brush for the type of painting you are doing is so important.

And in Closing

Well, dear friends, this was to be a short Journal, but it did not turn out that way. The year is passing so quickly. Perhaps a part of it is my age, Mother always told me the older you become the faster the months fly and it seems to be true.

Since we take care of three generations of loved ones in our family it leaves very little time for the business. I started this letter lamenting that I did not have enough time to paint, but after reading my post to you I realize I have painted far more than I realized in the past few months.

I look forward to visiting with so many of you in California. If you have not planned to attend, there is still time for you to register or come for a couple of days for the exciting trade show.

As always, I encourage you to take the time for you. To know who you are, what your life’s goals are and take steps towards making some of them happen. With another birthday on the horizon and becoming a year older I am taking my own advice. Low expectations of what we can accomplish is the curse of most, I am always working towards not allowing that to happen to me. Those that know me well think I have too much on my list. That is when I remind them that low expectations in my life is not one of my character traits.

I leave you with warmest regards, reminding you to remember to “think with your heart” and you will “embrace each day with unabashed enthusiasm”.