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October 8, 2015            "News For Those Who Think With Their Hearts"             Volume XI ~ Issue III

Fall is just around the corner in Texas, or so they tell us on the national weather. Did they not know the high was 90 degree today and was 89 yesterday? Warm weather will surly end soon and cooler weather will make its way to Texas. I am longing for that to happen!!!

My days have been filled with more than I can accomplish in the time I have. I only send out a newsletter when I have good things to share. This one is no exception.

MORE NEW Joyce Howard Pattern Packets SOON!!!

Joyce Howard Ornament


A series of Christmas Ornament Patterns will be available in a couple of weeks. They are awesome! I will release the photos for the new patterns on Facebook in the next few days and tell you when you will be able to order them. You will have an early preview of the designs. Become a "Friend on Facebook" if you are not already one. Do it this week so so you will not miss the début of her ornament patterns.

A series of Christmas Ornament Patterns will be available

This is our show schedule for 2016. This is the last quarter of 2015 and that is hard to believe. Time passes so quickly and it has caught me a little off guard.

We are adding a third show next year so you will want to mark your calendar with the dates and locations of the show. It is a new show and will be in Oklahoma City, that is in our backyard. So not much travel time for this one from central Texas. Bill and I are pushing the envelop with these long trips. Age is catching up with us.

"CREATIVE PAINTING" February 28 - March 24, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada
"HEART OF OHIO TOLE" August 8 -13, 2016 in Columbus, Ohio
"PAINTING PALOOZA" September 26 - October 1, 2016 in OKC, Oklahoma

Go to the web site for Creative Painting and Heart Of Ohio for registration information. The information should be available soon for the new "Painting Palooza" show. I will give you a heads up when they start the advertising and registration for the show.

I have not traveled to teach much in the past two years. I will be travel teaching more in 2016 and beyond. Why the change of heart? I will be teaching Joyce Howard designs!!! I am energized and can't wait to share her beautiful designs with you.

I will be teaching the "one of a kind" style and techniques she used in her designs. Her beautiful finish is one no one in our industry had ever seen. Many have tried to emulate her style, and her innate talent for color, but could not do it justice. They did not give her credit for the designs they "borrowed" when they used bits and pieces from what was uniquely hers. These will be painted with the colors she used. I am so looking forward to this aspect of our business.

If you book on the way to or from a trade show or another seminar your travel expense will not be as much. I will book seminars on the way to and from a show or seminar. I will fly to some seminars and drive to others. Since we will only make a few trade shows you can of course book at any time during the year. We can also drive and bring a mini trade show to you. .I added three seminars today and we will be attending three trade shows. If your group is interested in booking a seminar now is a good time to do so.

Those of you that are "long time" members of my "Folk Art Friends" mailing list know how thrilled I am to paint the thing I love most… Joyce Howard Designs. Fate brought Nancy Howard Gray, Joyce's daughter, and I together. That is why I am looking forward to teaching again. The joy I feel is akin to what I felt when I took seminars from Joyce so long ago. She was the one that "brought me to the dance". This is a dream come true.

Joyce Howard DesignsWith Nancy releasing Joyce's previously published patterns her talent will once again bring a breath of fresh talent into this industry. Her beautiful designs are so unique you instantly recognize her style. Her color palette and the aged finish on her designs is so beautiful.

Since the release of the first patterns earlier this year it has been a busy, busy time. We have not been able to keep the "star of all of her patterns" in stock. That is the "Standing Santa". We have a steady stream of wood being made for us and as soon as we receive them by the end of the day they are all sold. The pattern for this piece is sold out, hope to have some in very shortly.

We have more Santa wood pieces on the way. So if you were not one of the lucky ones that snagged one yet check the website and see if they are in. If not we have a feature on our website that notifies you when a product that is out of stock is restocked. So we will give you a heads up and you can hopefully be the first to know they are in. Click on the "Notify when back in stock" for the Standing Santa or any product you are interested in. If you fill in your email address the shopping cart will send you an email when it is back in stock.

We continue to have a clearance sale to try and reduce the inventory in our warehouse. With the new Joyce Howard patterns means new surfaces are needed. Our inventory exceed what one would consider a reasonable amount before we started this venture. We had planned to discontinue some of our tin months ago and we could not find the time to do it. Remember the Clearance items will no longer be kept in our catalogue after we sell what we have in the warehouse now. Remarkable sale going on 45% and 55% off of two different groups of tin ware and patterns in the CLEARANCE BINS!!!

Here is a link to my Facebook page. My Facebook page has a photo of one of my favorite pieces that Joyce painted at the top. It is also one of the ones that will be offered as a seminar choice. I am painting it now on a tin tray.

And just as a reminder… do not forget to become one of my Facebook Friends so you will see photos of the Joyce Howard Ornaments that will be available soon.

Lots of wonderful plans to be released for 2016. It will be an exciting year with a couple of wonderful surprises already planned. You are going to love them. A "super special" one will be announced hopefully in a few weeks.

Sending a Warm Texas Hug to each of you, (no pun intended)
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