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August 24, 2016            "News For Those Who Think With Their Hearts"             Volume XII ~ Issue II

Maxine is back in the states after a two year mission trip in Guam. So great to have a hug and visit with her at the HOOT Show a few weeks ago.

HOOT SHOW - COLUMBUS, OHIO - We are home again and the show is now a “fond memory”. This is probably the last time Bill and I will exhibit in Columbus. I think I have exhibited there 30 plus years… I’ll have to research that. Our age is catching up with us. We can no longer pull our long trailer across the US to do shows, much as we do not want to admit it… our age has become a factor.

My dear friends Jane Allen and Amy Mogish had a new book come out at Hoot called "Jane & Amy Create Christmas". They each offer a different style which makes the book unique, much like their friendship. They are offering the book and product for the projects on their websites ( and I hope you will stop over and visit them.

Della and Company Della and Company

Photos taken at HOOT are on our home page for you to enjoy.

Della and CompanySue Hollon

This was the most inspiring, new booth at the show. We have all carved or at least painted a gourd before. Sue has taken this to a level way beyond a "craft". She has a huge, huge gourd and then had another very large gourd that is carved and decorated sitting inside with twinkle lights. Ingenious!!!  She will be exhibiting in OKC in the fall. I plan to purchase her book and one of the carved and ready to paint gourds for Melissa and I to paint this fall.

Della and Company - Folk Art Tin


I am 76... I hope in ten years a family member will be willing to accompany me to the HOOT Show. This lovely lady is Flonnie.... 97 years young. She came in at the end of the day as we were about to start packing up. Her son brings her to the show. Such a wonderful spirit. A twinkle in her eye and her enthusiasm for folk art was strong and doing well. Flonnie, I hope you are looking at this special photo of you and your son. So nice to visit with you.

We will exhibit in the NEW Oklahoma City Show in September of this year. We are excited to have one so near home that will be an easy drive for two senior citizens.

Mark your calendar for the Creative Painting Show in Vegas in February.   We will fly and our son and daughter-in-law will pull the trailer.  This will also be the last show in that area too.

MAGAZINES:  There is a wonderful new magazine out called "Painting World".  It is so nice to see a new magazine you receive through the mail so you can enjoy looking thorugh it.  The Editor-in-Chief, Laura Haughey Rucker, has done an excellent job!  You can visit the website and subscribe to this publication now.  Painting World Magazine   

You might also like to subscribe to Pixelated Palette if you haven't already.  Susan Mynyk is the editor of this is online digital magazine.  For more information check Pixelated Palette here.

NEW PATTERNS BY DELLA… coming soon!!! Busy time in my studio right now… new ornament patterns will be making their way to our web site soon. Fun, fun ornaments are being created and only need a few finishing touches. Must varnish, write the instructions and make the photos before we can add them to the web. I will send a short heads up to remind you to go our website for you to see the fruits of my labor.


ROSEMARY WEST SEMINAR - (photos are on our home page)

It is officially on the calendar… October 26. 27, 28 and 29, 2016. Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the days. I think you will agree the projects for the seminar are special ones. Thursday is a “fun day” with three days of painting to follow.

The first of many “gatherings” will begin this year in Waco. The registrations are coming in daily and we are so thrilled to receive so many so quickly. Bill and I are planning “fun activities” for those of you that will be joining us for the first annual seminar in Waco this fall.

A confirmation letter will be mailed this week to those that have registered. The letter will bring you up to date on prepping of projects and other information needed before coming to the seminar. It has been a busy, busy time these past few weeks. I am finally finding time to catch up on so many parts of my business life.

We spent yesterday checking out “Magnolia’s”, the “Silios”, their bakery (so full we did not want to wait in line) and other opportunities in the area. Window shopped (no shopping as Bill was with me so I will have to go again by myself) and also toured the grounds around the property. Parked the car and rode the new trolley that is a replica of an old one and runs continually in the area. You can park your car and hop on the trolley for a free ride to and from the Silos, Magnolia’s and the other shops and restaurants nearby. It was a fun and relaxing afternoon. We can’t wait for you to come to Waco and experience a fun time at our “Gathering of Folk Art Friends”. I promise a memorable experience.

We had a late lunch at Ninfa’s, a Mexican food restaurant, and spent the afternoon checking out the area. Bill will visit the Chamber of Commerce next week so we can put a packet of information together for those attending the seminar. I hope you can arrive on Thursday for a “fun day” before the three days of painting in the seminar.

I have the prep instructions for the surface and will be sharing it with those registered for the seminar soon and sending your surfaces if you are not planning to prep them after you arrive. We are organized and ready for a wonderful seminar and looking forward to the gathering of a great group of “Folk Art Friends”. Conformation letters and details about the seminar will be in the mail next week for those that have registered.

If you have not registered yet there is still time. Our class facility is excellent. We have a large classroom and a big screen so you can sit comfortably and watch as Rosemary is painting. You will have a great time in this seminar… and that is a promise. It will be a special and memorable occasion.

FUTURE “TEXAS SEMINARS” – I will be sharing more information soon about plans for future seminars with some of your favorite teachers in our industry teaching them. It is a fun time for Bill and I both. We know this venue will be one we can do easily and painters will enjoy. Great venue and the best teachers is a winning plan for our future “Gathering of Folk Art Friends Seminars”.

The end of summer is fast approaching… time to think about fall decorations and holiday gifts and decorations. Time to start making our list and moving our brushes. Have you started your game plan for the 2016 holidays? I am working on mine. We can help you with yours with great surfaces for holiday decorating and gifts.

I hope you enjoyed our visit… sending a “Texas Size” hug to each of you. Remember to “think with your heart” as life is so much more fun when you do, Della


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