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July 23, 2017            "News For Those Who Think With Their Hearts"             Volume XIII ~ Issue III

Our seminar with Maxine Thomas as the guest artist is now a fond memory. A "Very Fond Memory"! What a great, great experience it was!!! She shared her approach to color, how she uses her palette, many brush tips and tricks that were new to many of the painters. It was informative and enlightening. Thank you Maxine. It was GREAT!!

Maxine's patterns and tin from the seminar are now in our shopping cart.

Sadly, I have no photos to share from the seminar... I did not take any. I must apologize. What was I thinking? Obviously... I was not!!!

We had a great field trip on our fun day. If you attended the seminar and have photos and you are willing to share, please send them so I can post them on the web. I promise to do a better job at the next seminar.

Maxine Thomas


Well, I did take a photo one evening when we went to dinner after the seminar ended. Maxine ordered a "small" order of onion rings to go with her entree.

We could not stop laughing the order was so large!!! I believe one could say they were "TEXAS SIZE"!!!

Now I shared my only photo. I can report that "a good time was had by all" at dinner that night and in during the seminar.


If you have any seminar photos... the "Fun Day", the statues by the historic Suspension Bridge, dinner in the evenings... please share them with me.

For those that have not seen the castings of the "larger that life" herd of Longhorns... they are awesome!!! Be sure to have that on your to do list when you visit Waco. Those attending our "Christmas Workshop" with Rosemary West will have the opportunity to see these beautiful statues.

Like Maxine, Rosemary West is one of the most popular artists in our industry. Rosemary comes annually. The date is set for her next seminar in November 2017. The registration form with all the needed information is online now and many are already registered.

Christmas Workshop.... how fun will that be? LOTS!!! Rosemary has created a new design on a tin container that will hold a set of tin Christmas ornaments. They were created for the first annual "Gathering of FolK Art Friends Christmas Workshop".

Another FUN Day adventure is planned the day before the seminar begins. We will visit a small town near Waco. There is a great antique mall and a special gift shop. It will be very different from the previous seminar's Fun Day. It will be great fun!!!   Read full information here.

The 4th of July was spent with our two sons, their wives and all but two of our grandchildren. It was a wonderful family gathering... a special time.

Bill, Jr. and Lexa have a lovely home in the Texas Hill Country with room for all of the Wetterman clan to gather and celebrate the holidays. This is a beautiful scenic area near Austin.

Lots in this area are large. In this snapshot there were bucks, does and fawns on the front lawn. Others were in the side yards, in the street and across the street in other lawns as well.

Della and Company

At one time there were 22 deer leisurely strolling around their home. Simply awesome.... it was a wonderful experience. Click on this link to see more photos of the deer.

Della and Company - Folk Art Tin   


I am excited to share more news... Nancy, Joyce Howard's daughter, will be releasing several of her patterns soon.  They will be on our website and we will notify you when new ones are available.


I am excited about the plans that we are implementing to move our business to another level. So expect updates showing up in your mailbox as new projects are added to the web.

New patterns will be added to the website as they are completed. My dining room table is covered with pattern parts, photos and samples. It seems that this aging artist has become much slower in her advancing age. Check the web weekly to see new additions. Gregg, our son, has been posting on Facebook. If you are not my Facebook friend you should become one.

Have you checked out our e-packets yet? We have Ellen Stamilio and Rosemary West e-packets available.  Both are available in both paper and e-packet form.  We will be adding more patterns soon.  Rosemary West e-packets here and Ellen Stamilio here.

The hour is late, my newsletter is long and Mr. Beau Jangles is wanting me to come to bed. He is my constant companion. Tonight he finally gave up and joined Bill. It is his usual routine to join the first one to go to bed.

Please share this with all your painting friends so they too can become a member of my mailing list. So spread the news as our industry needs as many active painters to know where supplies can be ordered.

Hope you are having a great summer... Della

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