June 2008                                  "News For Those Who Think With Their Hearts"                             Volume IV ~ Issue 3

(Most will be primed and ready to paint!)
Some of our tin is now being shipped to us primed with a black powder primer; lightly sand it and you are ready to paint.  The really good news is that in the future all tin received from this supplier will come with the black powder primer for the finish.

I recently sent a dozen new designs to them and these pieces will be available late this year.  There will be tin eggs in five sizes that come apart to store Easter surprises.  Witch hats in three sizes, pumpkin baskets, an artist palette with a brush attached, several shapes of tins that can also be used as containers or purses and small pins in the traditional Early American tray shapes.


The Williamsburg Collection” is a new series of patterns packaged with the small piece of tin used for the design.    These were best sellers at Tampa and are selling well on our website.  

You will find an even dozen patterns now with more on the drawing board.   They can be used as Christmas ornaments, gifts, for door knob and cupboard door decoration, kitchen wreaths and kitchen trees.  Some are non seasonal.    

Della Wetterman Della Wetterman

Our train continues to sell out as soon as a shipment comes in.  “The Gingerbread Express Train” was painted by Rosemary West last year.  We received a new shipment before we left for Tampa and we are almost out again.  We expected this to be enough for the Tampa, Houston and Columbus Shows.  I think we will be out before we get to Columbus and possibly before the Houston show.  If you would like a train from this shipment, order now.  Another shipment is due to arrive in August. 
Folk Art Tin Train FT-2142 and the Gingerbread Express Train pattern RW-236.


WOW!!!  In a word that explains the 2008 SDP Tampa Convention.  The Show was a smashing success for Folk Art Tin.  We had three booths full of new merchandise and filled with designs by “big brushes” and “soon to be big brushes”. 

In Tampa Rosemary West displayed a new design she had painted on one of our “Tin Lizzies”.  It is called “Going to Grandmothers” and will be a part of the Christmas Issue of PaintWorks.  It was a show stopper.  We sold out of the cars.   A new supply will arrive in late July.  Folk Art Tin Lizzie's Parson's Carriage FT-PC.

My photos do not do it justice.  Not shown is a 14 inch Colonial Tree with a Heart Topper and small tin pieces that will be shown when the article is published.

Rosemary West
Folk Art Tin Lizzie
Tin Lizzy

We sold out of Rosemary’s Sunflower Sewing Basket and her Tampa Special Event pattern at the show.   They are now back in stock and listed in her pattern section. Basket pattern RW-225 and Event pattern RW-232  
Equally as popular were designs by Shara Reiner and Maxine Thomas

We sold all of Shara’s design on our new Double French Flower Bucket (a lovely replica of an antique one I have in my tin collection) and all the patterns for our new clock designed by Maxine. We were well stocked, but had to take orders to be shipped when we returned home.    These, too, are now back in stock.  Do you notice a “Sold Out” trend developing here?
Shara's bucket pattern SR-001 and Maxine's clock MT-005

Jane Allen, Darlene Ferrier and Susan Mynyk each have new designs that sold well at Tampa.  They are new to the design world and so excited to be showing their work.  

Jane and Darlene offer a variety of contemporary and clever ornament projects, jewelry designs and will be working on other pieces for future shows.   View Jane's and Darlene's new packets here. 
Susan Mynyk

Susan’s new Scruffy Brush Pins and her Scruffy Brush Pattern were a big hit.  She sold all of the samples that she brought to sell.  Customers were buying them by the handful for their painting friends.  We will have pins to sell at all of the shows this year and will offer completed brush pins on our web site in 10 days.  The Internet does not do them justice.   Consider purchasing a completed pin (as a sample) and a pattern for the secrets for putting them together. 

Susan's pattern packet SM-001


Debby Forshey-Choma’s contribution to our new designs is a lovely pair of ornaments that can be used all year long. DFC-001

Chris Thornton recently painted a new design on our Candle Box.  You can find this on her web site.  Chris' website ...


OTHER NEWS (Yes, there is more, a lot more!)
1.   A caboose for the Folk Art Express will be available in late July.  Rosemary is painting a sample now and will have a pattern ready when they arrive.  PaintWorks is out of that issue.    Rosemary has published a pattern for the Gingerbread Express with great close ups of the detail.  Gingerbread Express Train pattern RW-236.

2.   In Tampa, Sonja Richardson had several new projects painted on our tin.  Two Victorian Cones painted as Halloween ornaments, created with her wonderful, whimsical designing style.  At the HOOT Show in August Sonja will have a Vintage Truck (one of our Tin Lizzies) designed as a delivery truck  for a Christmas Tree Farm.  She will have patterns for all the projects for sale in her booth.

Last year she painted a Hansel and Gretel Christmas Train and Ornaments that is a wonderful set. 

3. Trudy Beard’s Easter theme on our new nested oval trinket boxes, using her lovely color palette were a hit!   Order the tin from us and the pattern from Trudy. View her pattern info and our tin.
She will debut a Tin Lizzie at the HOOT Show.  It will be a painter’s vehicle on the way to convention pulling a trailer filled with painted miniature tin.  How cute will that be?  Photos will be added to our web site as soon as they are available.

4.   PaintWorks magazine will feature a number of artists that have designed on our tin in 2008, myself included.  Maxine Thomas will have a design on a new lamp in the fall and several others will have tin pieces in 2008.  Jill DiMiria will have a design on our Folk Art Tin Train.  Jane Allen and Darlene Ferrier will have designs in PaintWorks and Quick & Easy later this year. Trudy Beard will have articles in the Christmas issue of PaintWorks and Quick & Easy. She has designed a Santa with a white coat and white roses on a tree, a new design on our new clock and ornaments.  When photos are received we will pass them on to you.

In the May 2009 issue Sonja Richardson will have a Tin Lizzie designed for Mother’s Day and Rosemary West will have the Tin Lizzie Truck designed for Father’s Day.    

Tin surfaces have been shared with many artists so you can expect to see our tin in magazines, packets, on web sites, in books, in local classes, in classes at Painting Conferences and on new DVD’s.  So check our web site frequently to see the new patterns added by these and other artists!

5.   DAC released a new Santa book, Celebrate St. Nicholas, at the Tampa Show.  Many artists painted on the same carved Santa.  I was included in the book and my Santa is a “tin peddler” with a string of tiny tin pieces over his shoulder. The sale of the books will go to fund the DAC. It can be seen and purchased from the Decorative Art Collection web site.

Celebrate St. Nic
Tin Peddler Decorative Arts Collection website.

6. Chapter response to email lists. For those of you that sent in the names of members that would like to be added to our Email List and receive the Folk Art Journal, thank you.  In mid July I will start to send out the promised 25% off certificates with information on how to use them.  The chapter will receive some of our tin to be used as the chapter sees fit.
It is not too late for other chapters to participate. Please do not send the name of any chapter member unless they have given consent to be added to our mailing list.  We do not need the mailing address or any other information other than the email address.  Our mailing list is not shared with anyone else.


SLICES of SUMMER…  June, July and August.
JUNE   The SDP Show in Tampa was fun and a very good show for us.   There were fewer vendors with booths and the crowds were a little smaller, but we had a terrific show.

Many have called or written since our return to tell us how great our booth looked and how delighted they are with our new samples, patterns and tin.  Much of the credit for that is due to the three ladies that helped us in the booth.  Jane Allen, Susan Mynyk and Darlene Ferrier helped set up the booth while I had an all day class.  Ladies, thank you for a job well done!

JULY    The third week of July we will find us headed to Houston for Artist Expo.   The show is small, but is a good one for us.  I will be teaching a great Santa Tray, a special design and one of my favorite pieces.   It is convenient to stay in the hotel and walk back and forth to classes and the trade show.  The hotel is great.  You will enjoy the facility and the show and registration is still open.

AUGUST    We will be off to Columbus, OH for the ever popular HOOT Show.  It is always a special show.  Three booths there as well and I will be teaching.  The project is a new tea pot with a Santa.  Sometimes you paint a piece and it is special to you, this is one of those pieces.
While October should not be listed as a “slice of summer”, it is the last show of the season.    What a glorious time to be going to New England. We will be headed to Providence, RI to exhibit at the New England Traditions or NET Show.

Don’t miss out on the fun of the classes, the trade show, renewing friendships, shopping till you drop and have your mind exploding with new ideas and products. 


When you receive this I will have returned from a visit with a special and dear friend, Beverly Lynton, in Birmingham, AL.  We found time to share our love for “junking” and searching for tin.  On an antiquing trip we found a child’s tin hooded doll cradle (circa mid 1800’s) made in Lancaster County, PA.   It was purchased at Brown House Antiques.  One of the most impressive shops I have had the pleasure to visit.   Everything in the shop is good quality, good condition and is a unique piece.

Another lovely find is a man’s handkerchief box also made in the mid 1800’s. The handkerchief box belonged to Beverly’s great, great uncle, a Texas Ranger.  Both of these pieces will be a part of our Tin Collection for 2009.  It does not get much better than that!  

Remember to take “care of you” and to “think with your heart”.   I enjoyed a great week doing just that with Beverly.  She has recently converted her detached garage into a studio that should be featured in a magazine.  We sat on her new studio deck catching up on our visiting and enjoyed each others company. Huckleberry (the neighbor’s cat) was our constant companion.

We rescued a nest of robins when their nest was soaked with a newly installed lawn sprinkle system and then we agonized over the possibility the mother would not take them back or worse still, Huckleberry would have them for dinner. 

The three little robins did not make it. The cycle of life is sometimes not what we would like and if we could we would write a new ending.  In the end one was missing and the other two were still in the nest, but lifeless.  Huckleberry had left the tell-tale signs of a few feathers nearby. It was not the ending we had hoped for, but we gave it our best.

Hugs, Della