July 8, 2009                         "News For Those Who Think With Their Hearts"                             Volume V ~ Issue 5

We returned from Peoria tired and weary. There were so many shoppers in our booth the first evening and the next day that it took four us to man the booth. “Thank you”, to our good friends Jane Allen and Darlene Ferrier as usual you were life savers.

What sold well at the show? Everything! Our trailer was packed as was the back of the Tahoe with merchandise. We had two palettes of new merchandise and three huge boxes of ornaments shipped to the show. I retired many of the old samples at the end of the show so there will be more room to display our new samples and tin.

Darlene Ferrier has a great new pattern on one of our cut corner trays that will be on the web site when you receive this. It is a still life of several salt glazed crocks. Look for more of this style of painting to be added in the coming months.

Rosemary West’s NEW Gardener’s Truck in the last issue of PaintWorks was a hit. We sold out of the truck and the accessory kit that goes with it. They are in stock now. See the Folk Art Tin Lizzie Vintage Truck and the Vintage Truck Accessory Kit here.

Her design on our antique doll cradle will be in the PaintWorks Christmas issue. The cradle will be in stock before the article is published. We would like to avoid disappointing any of our customers as we have the past two years with her Christmas project on our tin. I expect this to be the most popular design she has ever published.

Rosemary will have five ornaments in the PaintWorks Christmas Ornament issue. I will have a set of those ornaments on the web so you can order them before the article is published too. If you do not subscribe do it now so you will not miss these two issues. PaintWorks Magazine.

We sold out of Lynn Andrews’s patterns by noon the first day and ran out of several of the ornaments as well. They are really special. Not to worry, they are now in stock. Some of her patterns are non seasonal. When you see an ornament pattern think of it as multi purpose. It could be used on a door knob, cupboard door, wardrobe door, hat hook, bathroom hook or hung from a ladder back chair. Paint them for all seasons and occasions. Click here to see her patriotic patterns.

Shara Reiner’s new ornaments were as popular as Lynne’s. We planned ahead and had a very large inventory of Shara’s so we did not run out. All of her new patterns and ornaments are on the web. Shara’s ornaments are totally non seasonal! Need a guardian angel? She has it. What about an angel to watch over your cooking to insure that everything you do is delicious? Shara's Pattern Packets.

The three new purses that Shara had at the show were among the best selling products in the booth. They are now in the shopping cart, but the stock is dwindling.


Good news! We have several more series of ornaments that include fruit, angels, snowmen, flowers and table top toys on the drawing board. Does that make your heart beat faster? It should, they are cute, cute.

Shara will have projects in up coming issues of both Quick and Easy and PaintWorks. Yet another good reason to subscribe to PaintWorks and Quick and Easy Magazine.

Maxine Thomas had two new projects and shoppers were delighted with them. Both the Harvest Bowl pattern she painted on our new scale pan and the sewing basket with her Angel Patches patterns were hits at the show. Maxine Thomas Pattern Packets.

Even though her Christmas Ornament Box is not new it is still very popular and we sold out of her patterns for that the second day of the show.

I am running out of ways to describe all of the new things we had at this show. How can you miss with artists that are the “brightest stars” of our industry?

Debbie Cotton’s new Victorian Cone Pattern was a great seller. One of the noted artists in the industry came by several times to admire the lovely crackle finish Debbie used for her ornaments. She finally bought a pattern and one cone. No, I will not mention her name! As I told Debbie, it is nice to know that your work is appreciated. Debbie's Victorian Cone Pattern.

Susan Mynyk’s completed Scruffy Brush Pins were popular. As was the Scruffy Brush Pin Pattern Kit in it’s new packaging. The new pattern has a brush included with complete instructions for making a scruffy brush pin. Customers were buying the completed pin and the new Scruffy Brush Pin Kits to make pins for their friends. Susan Mynyk's patterns.

Trudy Beard, well what can I say about this talented lady? She had one of the most attractive booths at the show. Her patterns were displayed cleverly and effectively and many were painted on our tin. She used white wrought iron; white table cloth’s draped with large cream crocheted table cloths to display her samples. So lovely!

Her three new Halloween designs were terrific. You must paint her witch riding her broom stick with orange roses trailing down the side of our new witch hat onto the brim. I will have her new samples displayed in our booth at both Artist Expo and at HOOT.

I almost forgot to tell you about her bunnies! The patterns are on our Home Page and the photos do not do them justice. She displayed them on a pale pink feather tree. Are you a Romantic Home fan? It would look perfect in your home and would not have to be an Easter decoration. For those that love to decorate for Easter, this is a must have for you. Trudy's pattern packets.

Attention School Teachers!!! We have added a new vehicle to our fleet of cars, trains, and planes. We now have the cutest school bus you have ever seen. Barbara Belk and Melinda Hawkins, this one is for you! Will I see you in Houston this year? Folk Art Tin Train, Lizzies, Bus and Train.

Take a look at the new Colonial Village Ornaments. There are four or five up now and there will be others added later. See all the Colonial Village Ornaments here.

Arriving in August I will have a large number of new “mini ornaments” with cute little hangers on those as well. They can be used for jewelry or ornaments. A few have arrived, but are not on the web site yet. We will add them to the web as time permits. Sorry, I don’t think they will be up when you receive this newsletter

Be sure to check out the two sizes of our new Witch Hats. Also we just added Witch Hat Ornaments with the cute new style hangers. Medium and Large Witch Hats. Witch Hat Ornaments.

We will be in Houston at Artists Expo in July and in August you will see us in Ohio at HOOT with all of the new items from the SDP show as well as our newest arrivals. A container will be arriving in time for HOOT. There is still time to register to take classes and come to both of these shows.

Debbie Cotton, Lynne Andrews, Trudy Beard, Maxine Thomas and Shara Reiner will be adding ornaments to their collections. Shara will début a new set of ornament in Houston.

Does an affordable one or two day seminar with very little expense to your group sound good? If you are interested let me know and I will email you the info.

The last of Della’s samples are now 30% OFF the original price. There are two samples by other artists and those will be sold at 40% OFF. If they are not sold by July 18 they will be removed from the web. Sample Sale items in cart.

Our “Half Price Pattern Sale” and a “Buy the Tin Surface and the Pattern Free Sale” that will be ending soon is listed on our home page. Be sure to check it out as there are some great bargains. DellaAndCompany.com

And on a personal note…
Ok, I think the adrenalin is flowing rapidly by now ... mine is. I am working on projects that will be taught at trade shows and then will become Seminar projects. Thought you might like to see a few of the completed ones. These will not be available in packets for some time. If they are selected for classes at painting conferences I will teach them to a limited number in the class and then they will be used as seminar projects.

The ornament box is used to store nine ornaments that are not shown.  Decorate a small feather tree with the ornaments and display the box under the tree. The Folk Art Train will have two more cars and has not been antiqued or "mudded " yet so it is a little bright, but will be wonderful when completed. The Santa tray is a fun piece. His helper is decorating the tree that his feathered friends can snack on.

Until next time, take care of you. Think with your heart and take time each day to bring at least one small pleasure into your life.

With a special hug for each of you, Della

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