The Wetterman Family Album

March 2017

An adorable "Fairy House" arrived via US Postal Service. Beverly Lynton, my dearest friend assembled it.  She reduced a photo of Melissa and tucked it into the branches. The small branches, leaves and twigs, crayons, colored pencils form the structure of the house. On the other side there is a a tiny picture of a speckled hen I painted long ago glued to a dried leaf.

There is a tea bag with the string and label intertwined in the twigs. Two tiny poster beds complete with a tea bag mattress and pillows came with the house. What an imagination. Love it! She has a note written on the bottom. It told Lissa to sprinkle cookie crumbs. Fairies would come and move in.

Fairy dust (tiny glitter) is sprinkled all over the little structure.

Della and Company
Folk Art Friends Folk Art Friends

News Flash.... We have a new member in the Della and Company Family... Maxi. Mom said I could tell you about her. She belongs to Melinda and we have only seen photos of her. I think she is beautiful. So glad she is. A handsome guy always likes a good looking friend.  Beau

Lissa and Santa 2015






Della and Company
Beau Wetterman
Beau at Christmas
Della and Company
Lissa and I at a wedding shower for my granddaughter
Della and Company
Texas Hill Country
Beau Wetterman
Della and Company Wetterman's
Bill Jr., Christopher and Lexa
Christopher Wetterman

Wetterman Family

Christopher is now an Eagle Scout.

"Two Wetterman grandson "horsing" around after his Scout review. I think they were both so glad that Lexa would not be hounding him about completing his Eagle requirements.

Wetterman Family Wetterman Family

The Wetterman Family
Christmas 2014

Lissa in front of the Santa and the Christmas tree. The Santa is one I had in my store "Country Junction" in 1986. Each year the grandchildren have their photo made in front of the tree. It marks their growth for the year.

Della and Company

Della and Company
Della and Company Della and Company

Arden with all her college books!

Della and Company
Arden and Jennie at the luncheon for family and friends after graduation.

Della and Company
Lissa lost her first tooth
Della and Company
Arden's graduation day

Lissa spent the night with us and painted this Pinocchio I bought last year in Europe. You can see from the photos she is making great progress.

Another painting session was added.

Della Wetterman

Della Wetterman

Lissa Lissa
Della and Company
On a beautiful day in October Gregg and Lissa displayed the first crop of giant pumpkins they
harvested. Jen was there, but she was the photographer. They shared their pumpkins with
family and friends. Next years goal will be even larger Texas sized pumpkins.

Della and Company
Bill Jr. and Lex live in a remarkable area and the deer come into their front yard. They come up to the edge of the lawn. They keep the area next to there yard like you see it.

Bill and Della Wetterman
They live in Dripping Springs in the Texas Hill Country.
Beau Wetterman Our Beau
Wetterman Lissa found this baby bunny in the turnip patch that was planted for the pigs. Lissa did not want to put it down so it could go back with his mommie.

This is our new litter of Great Pyranies puppies. The mom goes under the house to have the puppies and does not bring them out for 6 weeks. When they come out they are adorable. I forgot to ask Gregg how many they have. Usually she has about 6 - 8. Lissa will be 3 in January 2013.

Heaven must be filled with little girls and puppies!

Lissa Wetterman Lissa