Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy at Della and Company!

No personal information is collected when you visit our website unless you enter it in a form found on our site.

Non-personal information is collected automatically by our statistics program when you visit our website. The type of info that we collect tells us when you visited our site, what pages you looked at and helps us track the number of visitors to our site. It does not identify you personally only what you looked at while visiting our site.

We will not share, sell or otherwise distribute your email, phone number, home or business address or your email address or any other personal information about you with any outside agencies, except authorized law enforcement organizations. All information that you provide to Della and Company is held in strict confidence.

Your computer will store your profile information and let you retrieve it, when you visit our site if you choose to do so. This is called a cookie and sits in your web browser directory. This enables you to make multiple purchases without retyping the information. The “Remember Me” on the bottom or our shipping information form creates this type of cookie.

By placing a little text file called a cookie on your hard drive you have the convenience of not having to log in each time you come to our web site. Your computer stores your profile when you visit our website and it lets our website retrieve it when you visit our site. Cookies help us to give you a speedy web experience by remembering your name and email information, so you don’t have to re-type it each time. No other website can use or view this particular cookie.

Restriction of Liability
These pages are checked to see that we have all of our information correct. However, sometimes mistakes occur when we set up our web pages. We reserve the right to correct the error should this occur. We also reserve the right to change a price with out prior notice.
The contents of this website and the items sold are presented in good faith and have been checked for accuracy: however, no warranty is expressed or implied nor are successful results guaranteed.

Any reference to products, process or service is intended as information and/or your convenience as a customer or anyone browsing our website. Della and Company does not endorse, recommend or favor any corporation, firm or trade names that are listed on our website. They are listed for your information and convenience only.

Links to Other Sites
We list links to other sites. Once you link to another site you are no longer on our site you are then under the privacy policy of the new site. The materials on these sites are not under our control.

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