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» Folk Art Tin
Folk Art Tin Boxes
Candle, Document, Deed, and Trinket Boxes.
Folk Art Tin Containers
Antique Measure, Coffee Pots, Tea Kettles, Pitchers, Berry Buckets, French Flower Bucket, Pails, Tea Caddy, Watering Cans, Lunch Pails, Baskets, and Railroad Lantern Oil Can.
Folk Art Tin Miniatures
An assortment of tin miniatures.
Folk Art Tin Ornaments
A variety of Ornaments, Cones and other items to use on trees, wreaths and door decorations.
Folk Art Tin Table Top Toys
Folk Art Tin Lizzie's, Toys on Wheels,  Cars, Trucks, School Bus, and a Plane.
Folk Art Tin Trays
Flat, Round, Cut Corner and other Trays
Folk Art Tin Trees & Toppers
Flat Panel, Tiered Trees, Tree Toppers
Folk Art Tin Lamps & Shades
Lamps and Lamp Shades