Folk Artist
Peter Ompir ~ Warner Wrede ~ John Dunn


 Paintings from my small collection of works by these three men are shown below. In 1986 I purchased my first piece; The Strawberry Tray painted by Peter Ompir. Within weeks of finding the first piece I found a second piece, also by Ompir, in the small Texas town I grew up in at the unbelievable price of $12.00. Needless to say The Strawberry Tray was not purchased at a bargain basement price.

Some time ago I had two photos made and framed to use in my dining room. These are now offered on our web site as prints for you to enjoy in your painting room or home.

Sharing this collection brings me great joy. I trust you will enjoy this treasured collection as much as I do.


These prints will look lovely in any room, but as an Ompir fan the prints are
a must for inspiration in your studio. For ordering information click here.