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PaintWorks Magazine
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Della Wetterman
Della Wetterman Santa Pail
"Santa Goodie Pail"
Della Wetterman of Della and Company
Lunch Pail w/Straight Handle FT-2212

Shara Reiner, CDA
Shara Reiner, CDA
Colonial Oval Tray FT-2240

Donna Scully
Donna Scully
Puffed Country Heart Ornament FT-2058
Puffed Rectangle Ornament FT-2136

A PaintWorks Christmas
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Maxine Thomas PaintWorks Magazine
Maxine Thomas
Rectangle Basket w/ Handle FT-2219
Ornament Puffed Rectangle FT-2135
Ornament Tree Tiered FT-2147
Ornament Puffed Luggage Tag Arc Top FT-2120
Ornament Puffed Oval FT-2107
Ornament Puffed Folk Art Heart FT-2076Maxine Thomas Maxine Thomas

Lynne Andrews PaintWorksLynne Andrews
Puffed Large Wall Heart Ornament FT-2229
Shara Reiner - PaintWorks
Shara Reiner, CDA
Country Pail Oval w/ Lid FT-2290
Jane Allen PaintWorks
Jane Allen
Shara's Santa Pull Toy FTSO-036
Mini Short Round Watering Can FT-2047
Mini Traditional Bucket FT-2198
Mini Water Can w/ Long Spout FT-2051
Donna Scully PaintWorks Magazine
Donna Scully
Puffed Country Heart Ornament FT-2058
Puffed Rectangle Ornament FT-2136

PaintWorks Magazine
PaintWorks' Website

Della WettermanDella Wetterman  PaintWorksDella Wetterman
Puffed Rectangle Luggage Tags Lg. FT-2186
PaintWorks Christmas Ornament Issue 2012
Deb Antonick (Terrye French)
Rectangle w/ Heart Attached FT-2182

Della and Company - Sharon McNamara Black
Sharon McNamara Black
Puffed Country Heart Ornament FT-2145

Tracy Moreau
Tracy Moreau
Reindeer Ornaments FTSO-027
Robin Mani - PaintWorks
Robin Mani
Puffed Rectangle Luggage Tag Arc Top FT-2139
Jane Allen
Jane Allen
Rectangle w/ Round Top
Small FT-2192
Medium FT-2193
Large FT-2194

Della and CompanyDella and Company

Jane Allen

Holiday Tree Collection FT-2293

Medium Star Tree Topper FT-2210
Large Berry Bucket FT-2160
Puffed Boot Ornament FT-2094
Puffed Candy Cane Ornament FT-2264
Puffed Gingerbread House Ornament FT-2105 Puffed Mitten Ornament, FT-2104
Puffed Tree Ornament FT-2134
Shara's Ornament Reindeer FTSO-027
Shara's Ornament Puffed Bird FTSO-009
Shara's Ornament Puffed Holly FTSO-006
Shara's Ornament Santa FTSO-037

Create and Decorate

Create and Decorate

November/December 2012 issue

Debby Forshey-Choma

Ornaments w/ Swirled Hooks

A, B, C, D, E, G, H, I, J

(Note Debby did not use the heart F)

Decorative Painter
Issue #2

"Wild Currants"
Jo Sonja Jansen, MDA

Colonial Sturbridge Coffee Pot

Decorative Painter 2012

PaintWorks Magazine ~ October Issue

Della and Company in PaintWorks

PaintWorks Magazine ~ June Issue
PaintWorks Magazine
This is a preview of the tin pieces that will be in the June Issue of PaintWorks.
If you don't subscribe you should. Follow this link for subscription information.

PaintWorks Magazine
February 2012 Issue

Designed by Linda Hollander
FT-2213 Antique Lunch Pail
Shara Reiner - PaintWorks
Shara Reiner
FT-2226 Large Oval Purse

PaintWorks Magazine

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