Della's Brush Care Tips

These tips will add more mileage to your brushes.

Don't over use them. Change to a new brush of the same size after 2 - 3 hours of use. Clean them well and give allow them a rest. Do not use them again until they are dry.

Clean your brushes with a good brush cleaner to remove all of the paint. Dress them with cleaner and store them in an upright position in a container.

When loading a brush do not drag or touch the metal fitting on the pallet. This is particularly important when using a liner.

Brushes that separate and are hard at the base mean they were not cleaned properly and/or the paint was allowed to dry in them before they were cleaned.

Never leave your brush sitting in your water bin. This is makes the bristles limp and they will not perform for you.

When wiping your brush on a paper towel, do it very gently. Bristles should not be brushed back and forth over a paper towel. Brush gently in one direction only.

Choose a paper towel that is as soft as a worn out tee shirt. Rough fabrics (old towels and inexpensive paper towel) will destroy your brushes.

Remember these basic tips and you will find that you will not be replacing your brushes as often. When they are worn out, and they will all wear out, replace them. A good brush used properly is as important as your painting skill.

© 1995

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