2011 Artist Expo Houston

July 18 - 23, 2011

Bill and Jennie are loading the trailer for our trip to Houston... Lissa is helping.
Della and Company
OK Poppa, the trailer is empty, you two need to hurry up and start loading, it's too hot out here for you.
Lissa Wetterman
Poppa, you're too funny,
I'm not old enough to help you yet!
Jennie and Bill Wetterman
Well, finally I can call Nana and tell her
they are almost finished!
Artist Expo Tradeshow
The front of the line waiting to get
into the tradeshow opening day!
Janelle Johnson
Janelle Johnson in her booth
Joanna Carter
Joanna Carter helping a customer in her booth
Klaudia Durnin
Klaudia C. Durnin - colored pencil demo
Janelle Johnson
Janelle Johnson teaching popular Tropic Queen class
Kathie George
Kathie George teaching Batik
Mary Owens
Mary Owens class
Judy Diehouse
Judy Diephouse class
Mark Polomchak
Mark Polomchak watercolor class
Kathie Hanson
Kathie Hanson class
Tom Jones
Tom Jones teaching watercolor

Cheri Rol
Cheri Rol class
Janelle Johnson
Janelle Johnson teaching another class
Prisicilla Hauser
Priscilla Hauser teaching
Trudy Beard
Trudy Beard teaching