HOOT 2011

Here are larger pictures sent out in our newsletter
and also some extras we thought you would enjoy.

(The photos may need time to download)

Della & Company
Della on set-up day
Della and Company
Darlene Ferrier, Bill and Della - Booth is ready!
Debbie Cotton
Debbie Cotton with her new book
Heart of Ohio Tole
Al Bartron (painting) Patty Reichenbach & Fred Swarr
Bill Wetterman
Bill Wetterman
Ginger Edwards
Ginger Edwards and Trudy
Shara Reiner & Doxie Keller
Shara Reiner and Doxie Keller
Andy Jones
Andy Jones - National Museum Decorative Painting
New product Booth
Della's new product display
Darlene Ferrier
Darlene Ferrier holding Della's Vegas class project
Norma Harrington
Norma and Bill Harrington with Della
Lynne Andrews
Lisa, Lynne and Ken Andrews
PaintWorks Magazine
Brett Cohen of PaintWorks Magazine
Loew Cornell
Loew-Cornell Brush Booth
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