Las Vegas 2010

Here are larger pictures sent out in our newsletter
and also some extras we thought you would enjoy.

(The photos may need time to download)

Las Vegas
Shara Reiner & Doxie Keller
Class Registration
Shara Reiner & Doxie Keller -- Special Event
Shara Reiner
Shara, Doxie & Meliinda
Shara Reiner, CDA
Shara, Doxie, Melinda Barnes (my webmaster)
Vegas Event
Special Event Class
Special Event "Full House"
Della Wetterman
Las Vegas Class
Della Wetterman Las Vegas Class
Della's Folk Art Train Class
Della and Company
Della and Company
Set up day! Al and Bill hard at work
The booth coming together
Della and Company
Della and Company
Opening Day
Bill is busy
Della and Company
Shara Reiner
Michelle Heiser and Della
Shara Reiner with new book
Bobbie Campbell
Shara with new book display
Buster and Bobbie Campbell
Chris Thronton
Linda Heller & Shara
Cindy, Chris Thornton-Deason & Melinda -- Event
Shara and Linda Heller
Ginger Edwards
Bobbie Takashima
Ginger Edwards
Bobbie Takashima