Della Wetterman "On the Road Again"

Travelogue October 2012

Covered Bridge with Shops


This covered bridge was the way you entered filled with wonderful garden pieces let you know there was a real treat awaiting you. There was a gift shop that would make any grandmother's heart beat faster, an antique shop... two stories of treasures and two other buildings that I was not able to shop in as it was closing time by the time I left the antique shop.

Della and Company - PA



This shop had so many treasures in it that I would have loved to have in my home. However, my mission was a "tin business one" and the hour was late. They had a lower level, but it was near closing and there was only time for me to shop one level.

Lancaster County Lancaster County, PA

Vintage, Antique amd Architectural Supplies

2 Della and Company - PA Della and Company - PA



Vintage, Antique and Architectural Supplies

This was an exceptional place. He had everything "vintage" one could imagine from the drawer knob to a 70" foot fence that was awesome. He had all the parts.

If I had lived in the area it would be mine! Awesome. There were three out buildings filled. They were dark and dank and I would be a little concerned about what might be lurking in there. It is owned by a retired builder and he must have been collecting from the first day of his business.

Della and Company - PA

Sign Photos

The signs in Pennsylvania and New England are so beautiful. We have them in other parts of the country, but not 10 or 12 in two blocks. I had to stop taking photo of them as I had so many... all were good so I did not have to choose which ones were going to be used in the travelogue.

There is one that is not from the same area the others.... I am sure you will have no trouble deciding which one came from New Jersey.

Della and Company - PA Della and Company
Lancaster County, PA All American Crafts
Lancaster County
Kling House Restaurant Lancaster, PA
Lancaster County, PA
Della and Comapny
Lancaster Area


Driving through the country roads was a relaxing and beautiful drive. We stopped in Lancaster and did a little shopping... Bill bought Whoopie Pies.

All the small towns in that area celebrate the fall season as you can see in these photos... wish you could have shared this trip with us.

Lancaster County PA

Foliage on the grounds of NET

There were very few trees that had any indication that fall had arrived. So once, again there was no beautiful foliage unless you traveled farther North and our schedule would not permit us to do that.

Della and Company - PA MA
Jane Shopping, Newbury, MASS
Della and Company Jane Allen

One Room Schoolhouse Lancaster, PA area

This was a common site in my Mom and Dad's youth. They both went to one room and two room schools. It is too bad that this building is not preserved by the historical groups in the area. The sign is adorable.

Lancaster County, PA Della and Company - PA

Meet Mable

Is this not the sweetest puppy you have ever seen? She is no longer a puppy she is just a tiny little girl. Her long silky hair makes her look larger than she is. This is the first time I had seen her. Her owner is one of my dearest friends, Beverly Lynton.

Della Wetterman Della Wetterman
Dallas Creative Painting October 2012
Della, Rosemary West, Barbara Belk and Melinda Hawkins

Della Wetterman and Rosemary West